Descendants of John Davidson and Mary West Return

Descendants of

Descendants of John DAVIDSON

First Generation

1.	John DAVIDSON was born 31 Dec 1785 in Pennsylvania. He died 15 Jan 1873 in Marion County, Texas.
John married Mary WEST. Mary was born about 1795.
They had the following children:
	+	2	M	i.	Benjamin Franklin DAVIDSON was born 1817.
	+	3	M	ii.	Oliver E. DAVIDSON was born 1825.

Second Generation

2.	Benjamin Franklin DAVIDSON (John) was born 1817 in Ohio.
Benjamin married Susan WOLF. Susan was born 1822 in Tennessee.
They had the following children:
		4	F	i.	Ann Myrtle DAVIDSON was born 1842 in Illinois.
Ann married John B. DARNELL on 26 Jun 1862.
		5	F	ii.	Nancy DAVIDSON was born 1845 in Iowa.
Nancy married J. J. OSBORN on 3 Jul 1860.
		6	M	iii.	Henry DAVIDSON was born 1849 in Missouri.
		7	M	iv.	William H. DAVIDSON was born 1852 in Arkansas.
		8	F	v.	Armeta DAVIDSON was born 1855 in Arkansas.
		9	M	vi.	Joshua DAVIDSON was born 1857 in Texas.
		10	F	vii.	Susan DAVIDSON was born 1860 in Fannin County, Texas.
		11	F	viii.	Benjamin Soule DAVIDSON was born 7 Dec 1862 in Fannin County, Texas. She died 9 Aug 1939 in Anson, Jones County, Texas.
Benjamin married Effie NEVILLE, son of John Lafever NEVILLE and Barzilla HESTAND. Effie was born 12 May 1878 in Johnson County, Texas. He died 31 Jul 1929 in Anson, Jones County, Texas.
3.	Oliver E. DAVIDSON (John) was born 1825 in Ohio.
Oliver married Sarah E. HILL on 14 Jun 1860 in Fannin County, Texas. Sarah was born 1827 in Louisiana.
They had the following children:
		12	M	i.	William DAVIDSON was born 1853 in Arkansas.
		13	F	ii.	Martha A. DAVIDSON was born 1856 in Fannin County, Texas.
Appendix A  -  Notes

2.  Benjamin Franklin DAVIDSON
1850 Crawford County, Arkansas

1860 Fannin County, Texas p023/104 P.O. Bonham 
Davidson B. F. 43 m Millwright 800/1100 Ohio 
Davidson Susan 39 f Tennessee 
Davidson Ann (Ann Myrtle) 18 f Illinois (m. 26 Jun 1862 John B. Darnell)
Davidson Nancy 15 f Iowa (m. 3 Jul 1860 J. J. Osborn)
Davidson Henry 11 m Missouri 
Davidson William H. 8 m Arkansas 
Davidson Armeta 5 f Arkansas 
Davidson Joshua 3 m Texas 
Davidson Susan 5/12 f Texas 

1870 Marion County, Texas p357/126 Jefferson 
Davidson Ben F. (Benjamin F.) 53 m w Farmer 2000/450 Ohio 
Davidson Susan 48 f w Keeping House Tennessee 
Davidson Henry 21 m w Works on Farm Missouri 
Davidson William 18 m w Arkansas 
Davidson Ellen 12 f w Texas 
Davidson Susan 10 f w Texas 
Davidson Ben J. 7 m w Texas 
Davidson Martha 13 f w Texas 
Davidson John 85 m w (b. 31 Dec 1785 d. 15 Jan 1873) Pennsylvania

1880 Marion County, Texas
Davidson W. Marion 372-85     
Davidson B. F. Marion 373-85     
Davidson Henry Marion 373-85

3.  Oliver E. DAVIDSON
1860 Fannin County, Texas  p200/1112 P.O. Warren 
Davidson O. E.(Oliver E.) 35 m Farmer 220 Ohio 
Davidson S. E. 23 f   Louisiana 
Davidson William 7 m     Arkansas 
Davidson Martha A. 4 f     Texas

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