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And particularly the descendants of George and Michael Harlan
Who settled in Chester County, PA 1687
Compiled by Alpheus Harlan (No. 4816)
Extracted Davidson/Davisson Families

Page 48 Listed under #68 Abigail Baily, married (3rd) William Cloud (son of Jeremiah Cloud) on 9/30/1738. They had three children: (1) Abner Cloud married Amy Pyle. (2) Joseph Cloud who went to NC. (3) Abigail Cloud who married Robert Davidson. Page 143 #1260 Margaret Sharp, b. 1/21/1792 in New Garden, Chester County, PA; d. 2/8/1874 in Wilmington, buried in Delaware Avenue Cemetery; married (2nd) James Kerns (b. 9/27/1800 in New Castle County, ?; d. 9/27/1866; buried there beside the wife; a son of Benjamin Kerns, farmer.) on 9/20/1825. Their daughter, Virginia Kerns b. 4/19/1833 in Wilmington; married William Davidson; resided 1898 Wilmington, DE. Page 150 #1328 Reuben Seal married Mary Davidson and both died in Winchester, VA about 1842 leaving children: (1) Alfred Seal who was killed in Confederate Army, leaving a wife and children. (2) George Seal, who married, lived and died in Winchester, VA. (3) William Seal who died leaving a family. (4) James Seal. (5) Susan Seal. Page 433 #5018 Joseph Charles Hampton b. 1/5/1863 in Lee County, IA; married on 12/15/1886 in Salem, Henry County, OH, to Ida Davidson (b. 6/13/1868 in Hocking County, OH; a daughter of Richard Davidson, b. 8/10/1840 in Fayette County, PA and Susan Shaw, b. 12/30/1832.) Residence 1899 in Birmingham, IA. Their children: (1) Vera B. Hampton, b. 6/28/1890. (2) Elbertine Hampton, b. 11/5/1893. (3) Elmer C. Hampton, b. 6/27/1896. Page 558 #6234 Ersula Harlan, b. 6/4/1848; removed to Clark County, IA 1863; married Frank Runyan (farmer; b.9/6/1865 in Champaign County, OH; son of Jacob Runyan, farmer, b. In Rockingham County, VA, and S_____, birthplace unknown), 9/14/1865 near Hillsboro, Van Buren County, IA. Issue: (1) Lottie Mae Runyan, b. 10/12/1866; married E. B. Watson 8/17/1866. (2) Elizabeth Alice Runyan b. 8/25/1868; married A. Davidson 7/27/1890. (3) Eve Lena Runyan, b. 1/11/1871; married Nathaniel Brown 2/23/1893. (4) Daisey Belle Runyan, b. 7/4/1875. (5) Oral Chloe Runyan, b.4/6/1881. Page 568 #6337 George Washington Harlan, (farmer, Christian), b. 5/1/1858 in Van Buren County, IA; married there at her father's home Naomi L. Davidson, (b.10/23/1861 in Hillsboro, Henry County, IA; living 1912; a daughter of Robert Davidson (farmer) b. 11/29/1834 in Fayette County, PA and Amanda Jordan, b. 2/1/1838). Their children were born in Van Buren County, IA: (1) Ada Belle Harlan, b. 7/11/1882; married C.C. Philips on 8/21/1902. (2) Ethel Harlan, b. 5/18/1885; married H.M. Wise on 9/27/1905; residence, 1912, Des Moines, Polk County, IA. (3) Max Harlan, b. 9/14/1896. George Washington Harlan resides, 1912, near Stockport. Page 676 #3161 Mary Ann Deskin, Christian, b. 3/6/1817 in Boone County, MO; d. 2/26/1876 at Stips Hill, Franklin County, IN, buried near there. She married Alexander Davidson on 8/17/1837 in Franklin County, IN. Alexander Davidson (farmer) was b. 9/4/1801 in Grainger County, TN; d. 8/24/1875 at Stips Hill; buried beside the wife, was a son of Samuel Davidson (farmer, b. In NC) and Mary Chance (b. in KY). Issue**: ** #7667 James H. Davidson b.3/8/1835 in Franklin County, IN; married 10/30/1867 to Rebecca A. Phillips (b. 4/19/1835 in Washington County, PA, a daughter of Isaac Phillips, b. 7/1/1803 and Mary Wilkins, b. 10/16/1803, both b. in Washington County, PA). In 1887 they removed to Blair County, NE, and in 1893 to Frontier County, NE where all their children were born: (1) Samuel Albert Davidson b. 9/12/1868; (2) William Henry Davidson b. 9/12/1868; (3) James Oscar Davidson b. 3/4/1874; (4) Lewis Edward Davidson b. /20/1876. ** #7668 Lewis A. Davidson, b. 2/23/1841 in Franklin County, IN; married there to Sarah Hildreth (b. 11/23/1847 Franklin County, IN, daughter of Joseph and Jane Hildreth). Their children were all born in Franklin County, IN: (1) Joseph Henry Davidson b. 12/19/1870; (2) Alexander C. Davidson b. 12/19/1870; (3) Charles M. Davidson, b. 8/25/1872; (4) Carrie B. Davidson, b. 3/18/1874; (5) Ross T. Davidson, b. 7/29/1876. ** #7669 John A. Davidson, (farmer) b. 3/21/1843 in Franklin County, IN; married there on 12/25/1865 to Sarah O. Wilson b. 10/23/1844 in Rush County, IN, a daughter of William E. Wilson (farmer) b. 1/1/1817 in KY, and Mary Janes b. in Rush County, IN. Issue: (1) Nora B. Davidson, b. 8/18/1871; (2) Nettie M. Davidson, b. 8/1/1876; (3) Emma M. Davidson, b. 8/1/1880; (4) Zula A. Davidson, b.10/10/1882; (5) Carver G. Davidson, b. 4/24/1885; (6) Fanny D. Davidson, b. 3/2/1887. ** #7670 Joseph N. Davidson, b. 11/17/1845 in Franklin County, IN; d. 1864 at New Orleans, LA in Union Army, buried there; unmarried. ** #7671 Ruth E. Davidson, b. 1856 in Franklin County, IN; d. 2/17/1889 at Chattanooga, TN, buried there; married W.S. Vail. Page 750 #8496 Mary Elizabeth Gray, b. 2/11/1851, married William Chambers Gault (b. 6/28/1850 in Jefferson County, OH; d. 8/9/1899 in Batango, West Africa, buried there) 8/16/1881 at Pittsburgh. A son, John Gault, b. March 1812 in Mercer County, PA married Mary Davidson (b. 1/6/1826 in Jefferson County, OH). Their children: (1) William Edwin Gault, b. 6/7/1883 in British East Africa; d. 5/28/1884 at Benita, Africa. (2) Harry Davidson, b. 7/9/1889 in Jefferson County, OH; graduated at Wooster, OH in June 1911; engaged in Y.M.C.A. work in Flint, MI. (Note: William C. Gault and wife went to Africa as missionaries. He was a minister in the Presbyterian Church. The wife returned to Wooster, OH permanently in 1903. She resided there in 1913. Page 761 #8660 George Washington Reed, (farmer, Presbyterian) b. 3/6/1839 at Washington County, PA; married there 10/31/1861 to Matilda Bowman McKennan (Presbyterian) b. in Washington County, PA on 10/31/1841; living in 1892, daughter of Thomas M.T. McKennan (lawyer), b. in Washington County, PA and Matilda Louisa Bowman. Children: Robert Rentoul Reed, b. 5/26/1862; d. 11/9/1893; married Mary L. Davison. (2) Thomas McKennan Reed, b. 2/14/1864; d. 6/1/1893; married Margaret Marshall Clark. (3) Baird Reed, b. 7/26/1866; d. 9/4/1893; married Frances Speer. (4) Alexander Reed, b. 1/4/1869; d. 7/19/1870. (5) George Patterson Reed, b. 8/2/1871. (6) William McKennan Reed, b. 3/5/1874. (7) Samuel Clark Reed, b. 1/1/1877. (8) Eleanor Baird Reed b. 8/26/1879. (9) John McKennan Reed, b. 5/8/1881. (10) Matilda Bowman Reed, b. 2/14/1884. (11) Joseph McCollough Reed, b. 8/16/1887. (12) Frank LeMoyne Reed (twin) b. 8/16/1887; d. 4/1/1888. Page 833 Charles D. Harlan (physician) b. 12/28/1876 Indianapolis, IA ; married on 10/16/1911 at Newport, Campbell, KY to Margaret Davidson. No children. Residence 1912, Keswick, Keokuk County, IA. Page 907 #6045 Margaret Jane Harlan, (Methodist), b. 1/20/1832, in Laurens District, SC; removed with her parents to Clay County, AL 11th Month 1837; married there, 1/1/1853, Simeon P. Wolf (farmer, Methodist; b. 9/21/1826, in NC; a son of Simeon P. and Rebecca (Rape) Wolf). In 1857 they removed to and settled in Union County, AR, and later into Sevier County, AR where she d. 12/14/1881; buried there in Chapel Hill Burying Grounds. Simeon P. d. 6/8/1886 in Limestone County, TX; buried there in Union Church Burying Grounds. Their Children**: ** #10059: John M. Wolf, b. 9/27/1853, in Clay County, AL; married Thrina E. Barnett 8/29/1877. ** #10060 Margaret (?) Wolf C.E. b.2/18/1856 married A.F. Davidson 5/8/1881. ** #10061 Henry Langston Wolf, b. 1/22/1859, in Union County, AR; d. March 1897 in Polk County, AR; married Sarah Arnold in 1892. ** #10062 John W. Wolf, b. 4/22/1861, same; d. 8/29/1876 in Sevier County, AR. ** #10063 Martha E. Wolf, b.5/10/1863, same; d. there 7/25/1863. ** #10064 Thomas J. Wolf, b. 3/24/1865, same; married Mary Vancil in 1887. ** #10065 Mary F. Wolf, b. 11/19/1867, same; d. 3/3/1885 in Palo Pinto County, TX; married Lark Newton in 1883. ** #10066 William N. Wolf, b. 2/1/1870 in Sevier County, AR; married Rebecca Harlan (#10080) 12/13/1891. ** #10067 Frank D. Wolf, b. 6/30/1872, same, unmarried 1899. Page 936 #6883 Elvira Ann Harlan, Missionary Baptist, b. 12/7/1832 in Monroe County, KY; d. 10/12/1885 in Callowary County, MO; buried there; married on 12/13/1852 in Calloway County to Thomas S. Davidson (farmer, b. 10/14/1820 in Calloway County, MO; ???son of Thomas S. Davidson???). **Their children were born in Calloway County, MO: ** #10289 Mary Frances Davidson, b. 11/12/1853. ** #10290 Emily C. Davidson, b. 8/15/1855; married, there, 10/19/1871 to Henry C. Sparks of Calloway County, MO. Their children were born in Calloway County, MO; (1) Bosie Sparks, b. 5/16/1873; d.5/19/1873; (2) Terla Sparks, b. 5/16/1874; (3) Emmet Sparks, b. 11/12/1876; (4) Agnes Sparks, b. 10/28/1878; (5) Nevel D. Sparks, b. 7/17/1880; d. 5/23/1881; (6) Belle Sparks, b. 2/19/1882; (7) Clinton Sparks, b. 8/13/1891. ** #10291 Charles M. Davidson, b. 10/2/1857; d. there, 3/2/1891, buried there. He married Martha Jane Sharp, b. 3/9/1862 in Audrain County, MO. Their children were born in Calloway County, MO: (1) Anice D. Davidson, b. 5/2/1879; d. there 12/11/1892. (2) Effie E. Davidson, b. 5/5/1881. (3) Luther L. Davidson, b. 4/3/1883. (4) Baby Davidson, b. 4/1/1885; d. there 4/4/1885. (5) Edward Davidson, b. 4/28/1886. ** #10292 Nancy E. Davidson, b. 4/18/1860, married there to James T. Goff on 12/16/1875. Their children were born in Calloway County, MO: (1) Dennis Goff, b. 3/15/1877. (2) Folia Goff, b. 4/17/1879. (3) Van G. Goff, b. 7/10/1884. (4) Norman Goff, b. 7/10/1884; d. 5/6/1887.

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