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Descendants of

Modified Register for Benjamin DAVIDSON

First Generation

1.	Benjamin DAVIDSON was born 1792. He died 1849.
Benjamin married (1) Polly LYLE on 1810.
They had the following children:
	+	2	M	i.	John DAVIDSON was born 1812 and died 1850/1860.
		3	F	ii.	Martha "Patsy" DAVIDSON was born 1817.
Martha married Noah CLARK.
	+	4	M	iii.	William DAVIDSON was born 1818.
		5	F	iv.	Rhoda DAVIDSON was born 1819.
Rhoda married Richard MORRISON OR MORRISETT on 19 Dec 1838 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
		6	M	v.	Wiley Lee DAVIDSON was born 1821.
Wiley married Sarah Ann RYE on 30 May 1846 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
		7	F	vi.	Sarah DAVIDSON.
Sarah married James P. MORRISON OR MORRISETT on 4 Jan 1839 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.

Benjamin also married (2) Huldy CLARK on 30 Jun 1842 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
They had the following children:
		8	M	vii.	Benjamin DAVIDSON was born 1844 in Tennessee.
Second Generation

2.	John DAVIDSON (Benjamin) was born 1812 in Tennessee. He died 1850/1860 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
John married (1) unknown.
They had the following children:
		9	F	i.	Violet DAVIDSON was born 1836 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
	+	10	M	ii.	Benjamin Franklin DAVIDSON was born 1839 and died 1860/1870.
		11	F	iii.	A. DAVIDSON was born 1840 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
		12	F	iv.	Sarah E. DAVIDSON was born 1841 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
Sarah married Washington HOLLIS on 16 Oct 1866 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
John also married (2) Sarah COMER on 27 Feb 1844 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Sarah was born 1813 in Louisiana.
They had the following children:
		13	M	v.	Zachary Taylor DAVIDSON was born 1849 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
4.	William DAVIDSON (Benjamin) was born 1818 in Tennessee.
William married Luanna POTTER on 18 Feb 1841 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Luanna was born 1818 in Tennessee.
They had the following children:
		14	M	i.	Thomas M. DAVIDSON was born 1842 in Tennessee.
		15	M	ii.	Burnett A. DAVIDSON was born 1843 in Tennessee.
	+	16	M	iii.	William Hartwell DAVIDSON Twin was born 1847.
		17	F	iv.	Charlotte E. DAVIDSON Twin was born 1847 in Tennessee.
		18	M	v.	Robert C. DAVIDSON was born 1848 in Tennessee.
		19	M	vi.	Milton C. DAVIDSON was born 1853 in Dickson County, Tennessee.
		20	F	vii.	Nancy D. DAVIDSON was born 1856 in Dickson County, Tennessee.
		21	F	viii.	W. F. DAVIDSON was born 1848 in Dickson County, Tennessee.
Third Generation

10.	Benjamin Franklin DAVIDSON (John, Benjamin) was born 1839 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. He died 1860/1870.
Benjamin married Mary LEMONS on 29 Oct 1858 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Mary was born 1842.
They had the following children:
		22	M	i.	J. W. DAVIDSON was born 1859 in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
16.	William Hartwell DAVIDSON Twin (William, Benjamin) was born 1847 in Tennessee.
William married Laura Ann FERRELL on 7 Apr 1869 in Dickson County, Tennessee. Laura was born 1853.
They had the following children:
		23	M	i.	Cordie DAVIDSON was born 1888 in Tennessee.
Cordie married Nettie Ann MEEK. Nettie was born 1894.
Appendix A  -  Notes

1.  Benjamin DAVIDSON

...I am researching the Davidsons of Montgomery/Dickson Counties.
My line is:
Lori Ann Davidson, MI
William Thomas Davidson b.1945, TN m.1 Hilda Jeanine White b.1949
William Herbert Davidson b.1910, TN m. Eunice "Aileen" Jones b. 1917
Cordie Davidson b.1888, TN m. Nettie Ann Meek b.1894
William Hartwell "Billy" Davidson b.1847, TN m. Laura Ann Ferrell b.1853
William Davidson b.1818 m. Luanna Potter 
Benjamin Davidson b.1792 m.1 Polly Lyle and m.2 Hulda Clark
John Davidson EST b.1741/1770

Dave Davidson 
I'm researching the John DAVIDSON family. John died about 1802 in the Palmyra, TN area and left a son Benjamin Davidson (b. 1792 & died betw 1842-1849). I'm looking for Ben's children: Patsy (b. 1817) who married Noah Clark; Rhode (b. 1819) who married Richard Morrisett in 1838; John (b. 1823) who maybe married Sarah Comer in 1844; and Benjamin Franklin Davidson (b. 1842) who married Mary Lemons in 1858 and Mollie Byrd in 1867. I have info to share on Ben's other children William and Wiley.

1850 Montgomery County, Tennessee  99-280 
Davidson John  38 m     Tennessee 
Davidson Sarah
(nee Comer) 37 f (27 Feb 1844 Montg Co Tn) Louisiana 
Davidson Vilotta  14 f       
Davidson Benjamin 11 m (m. 29 Oct 1858 Mary Lemons)   
Davidson ? 10 f       
Davidson Sarah E.  09 f       
Davidson Zachary  01 m     

1860 Montgomery County, Tennessee  30-368 
Davidson Sarah (nee Comer) 47 f (m. 27 Feb 1844 John Davidson)   
Davidson Vilotta 23 f       
Davidson A. 18 f       
Davidson S. E. (Sarah) 17 f       
Davidson Z. T. (Zachary) 11 m 

1870 Montgomery County, Tennessee
Davidson Sarah 58 F Montgomery 359

4.  William DAVIDSON
1850 Dickson County, Tennessee  p133/624-265 Middle Dist 
Davidson William 32 m  Tennessee 
Davidson Lewanna 32 f (18 Feb 1841 Montg Co Tn) Tennessee 
Davidson Thomas 08 m       
Davidson Brunett A 07 m       
Davidson William (Wm Hartwell) 03 m       
Davidson Lotty E. (Charlotte) 03 m       
Davidson Robert 02 m

1860 Dickson County, Tennessee  243a/606 Middle Division 
Davidson William 42 m Farmer 0/150 Tennessee 
Davidson Louisa/Luana 42 f     Tennessee 
Davidson Thomas M. 18 m Farm Hand   Tennessee 
Trotter/Potter? Mary E. 1 f     Tennessee 
Davidson Burnett A.  17 f     Tennessee 
Davidson William H.  14 m  twin   Tennessee 
Davidson Charlotte E. (Lottie) 14 f twin   Tennessee 
Davidson Robert C.  11 m     Tennessee 
Davidson Milton C.  07 m     Tennessee 
Davidson Nancy D.  04 f     Tennessee 
Davidson W. F.  02 f     Tennessee

8.  Benjamin DAVIDSON
1860 Montgomery County, Tennessee 14-334   
Davidson Ben 16 M

10.  Benjamin Franklin DAVIDSON
1860 Montgomery County, Tennessee  35-371 
Davidson Ben 21 m (s/o John Davidson & Sarah Comer)   
Davidson Mary (nee Lemons) 18 f 
Davidson J. W.  9/12 m

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