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Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1760-1)

LIGGETT, GEORGE.  West Bradford.
October 1, 1758.  July 29, 1760.
To son George plantation I now live on "which hath 2 deeds."  To son 
John plantation in East Nantmeal.  To daughters Rachel and Margaret 
plantation in East Fallowfield.  To daughter Mary 50 when of age.  
Also to daughters Ruth, Ann and Rebecca Liggett and Elizabeth McKinley 
50 each.  To grandson George McKinley 10 at 21.  Remainder to wife 
Elizabeth and sons George and John. Executors:  Wife and daughter 
Rachel. Witnesses:  John Davison, Samuel Filson.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1766-7)

DOUGHERTY, JAMES. [Place not given.]
June 24, 1766.  November 25, 1767.
Provides for wife Margaret.  To son Samuel best coat and wastecoat.  To 
daughter Mary Ferguson 7.6.  To daughter Janet Davidson 2 ewes and 
lambs.  Son John to be put to a trade "against the first of January in 
the 18th year of his age" and to have 25 when free.  To daughter 
Martha 25.  To son James 2/3 of all estate at 21 and remainder at 
death of wife.  Executors:  Wife and Jas. Glasgow.
Guardians:  Jonathan Hartshorn and Jas. Maxwell.
Wit:  John Beard, Archd. Henderson, Wm. Glasgow.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1772-3)

WILSON, JAMES.  West Caln.
May 28, 1771.  January 10, 1772.
To son James 10.  Remainder of estate to be divided into 5 parts -- 
one part to daughter Ann Elliot wife of John and her children born to 
James Fleming.  To 3 daughters Mary, Jean and Mable 1/5 part each, the 
remainder 1/5, to 2 granddaughters Mable McMath alias Kelso and Martha 
Kelso. Executors:  Friends Robt. and Saml. Withrow.
Wit:  Alexander Davidson, Wm. Withrow, Peter Hafan.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1758-59)

October 2, 1758.  November 6, 1758.
Provides for wife not named.  To only son John now a captive with the 
French the remainder of estate with reversion in case he dies without 
issue as follows, real estate being sold. To my sister Jean's grandson 
Mitchell Black 15 and to her granddaughter Margaret Leckey 15.  To 
George son of Joseph Park 15.  To John Davidson Jr. 15.  To Agnes 
Mitchell, widow of James Henry 15.  To Elizabeth, widow of George 
Mitchell 15.  To Margery, widow of Joseph Mitchell 10.  To William, 
son of William Mitchell 15.  To brother Samuel's grandson William 10. 
To brother in law William Waddel's children 10.  To wife's sister's 
daughter, Margaret Johnston a cow.  To Mary Evans now in her servitude 
to me 2 sheep.  Remainder for support of the Gospel in this place. 
Executors:  Friends Mathew Shields and Joseph Park. Witnesses:  Andrew 
Sterling, Thomas Ker. 

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1762-3)

MEEK, JOHN.  West Nottingham.
December 27, 1762.  October 1, 1763.
To sons John and Andrew and to daughters Mary, Jean and Rebecca Meek 
each 1/9 of all estate.  To daughters Agnes and Nelley Meek 2/9 of 
estate, when of age. Executor:  James Maxwell.
Guardian:  Adam Meek.
Witnesses:  James Dougherty, James Davison.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1776-7)

February 1, 1777.  May 13, 1777.
To mother Mary Porter all estate during life and at her decease to 
brother John Porter 40.  All lands and remainder of personal estate to 
brother Thomas and sister Margaret Porter.
Executor:  Wm. Davidson of West Caln.
Wit:  Gilbert Gibbs, John Bettay, Wm. Gill.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1782-3)

CLOYD, JOHN.  Tredyffrin.
October 30, 1781.  October 8, 1782.
Provides for wife Sarah. To Mary, Margaret and John, children of nephew 
David Cloyd 50 each when of age. To James and Elizabeth, children of 
Samuel and Margaret Culbertson, 50 each at 21. To niece Jane McKee 
50. To kinsman Robert Morrell 150 and joiner tools, etc. To nephew 
James Cloyd 50. To nieces Rebecca North and Elizabeth 50 each. To 
niece Mary Todd, 25. To James son of my nephew James Morrell of 
Philadelphia, 50 at 21. To the following children of deceased brother 
Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Jane and their youngest sister 200 to be 
divided. To sister Jane, wife of William Hudson of York Co., 50, and 
to their sons George and Joseph 50, and to their daughter Mary, wife 
of Lewis Williams, 50. To Jane, wife of James Davidson of Cumberland 
Co., and daughter of William Hudson 50. To Hannah, widow of Archibald 
Thompson, 50. Executors: Wife Sarah, nephew David Cloyd.
Wit: Joseph Lewis, Jesse Reece, John Beaton.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1788-9)

July 15, 1782.  May 2, 1788.
To wife Margaret all estate real and personal during life. At her 
decease to be sold. To son William 10. To son Thomas' son Alexander 6,
and to his oldest daughter Mary 3, and the remainder to 2 daughters 
Cathrine and Margaret, allowing Margaret 50 over and above an equal 
share, as Cathrine got 50 when married.
Executors: Friends William Davidson, William Long.
Letters c.t.a. to Margaret Rogers.
Wit: Jared Irwin, James Johnson.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1790-1)

February 12, 1789.  May 13, 1790.
All lands in Chester Co. to be sold. Provides for wife, not named, and 
to her daughter Martha 15 at 18, and to the 5 sons of my wife 3 each 
at 18. To Hannah Foster, widow, 15. To Rev. George Duffield of 
Philadelphia 15. To Catherine Mustard Carmichael 15 at 18. To William 
Scott, Esq. of York and his brother Patrick Scott 20 each. To Edward 
Clingan, son of brother George, 100, also 200 acres of Donation land 
in Westmoreland Co. To Thomas Clingan, Esq., York Co., his penal bill 
for 94.16.5 and 70 cash. To David Clingan of York Co. 100. To Mary, 
wife of Samuel Wilson and daughter of brother George, 120. To 3 
daughters of brother George, Hannah, Betsey and Catherine 25 each. To 
William Clingan of Donegal 200. To Dr. George Clingan 200, and to 
Jenny  Clingan, their sister, 200. To the son and daughter of James 
Scott, being my brother Thomas' grandchildren, 10 each at 18. To 
Elizabeth Haris, wife of John Templeton, 120. To John Mooney and his 
sister Margaret 25 each. To William Davidson of W. Caln 12 in trust 
for building our graveyard wall. Remainder to William Clingan of 
Donegal and George, his brother, and Thomas Clingan of York Co. 
Executors: Wife Rachel, nephew William Clingan, William Haslet, Esq. No 
record of letters. Wit: Peter Whitaker, Joseph Ash.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1792-3)

WILSON, WILLIAM.  Brandywine.
May 7, 1792.  June 25, 1792.
Orders a marble gravestone for self and wife. To Mary Stewart 10. To 
James Laird 5 shillings. To Robert Story's wife 5. To George Hood 10. 
To William Hood 2.10. To William Hunter 5 for repair of graveyard at 
Mr. Grier's Meeting house. To each of William Elliott's children, 
except William, 6. To William Elliott the plantation where he now 
lives and plantation where Samuel McMichen now lives. Remainder to 
William Elliott's children. All my relations in America or elsewhere to 
have 5 shillings each, if demanded. Executor: Friend William Elliott.
Wit: John Davidson, Samuel McMichen, Henry Henderson.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1794-5)

WALIS, JOHN.  W. Caln.
October 22, 1793.  January 9, 1794.
To son Joseph 5 shillings. To John, son of Thomas Walis of W. Caln, the 
whole of my estate.
Executor: Son Thomas Walis.
Wit: William Davidson, Elizabeth (x) Suck, Mary (x) Korkil.

November 9, 1793.  May 21, 1794.
To daughter Hannah Hope 35. To daughter Mary McClellan 35. To 
daughter-in-law Margaret Withrow 10. To the children of son William as 
follows. To Robert my silver watch. To James, Samuel, Joseph and Mary 
5 each at 21. To son James all remainder of estate real and personal. 
To son-in-law Alexander Davidson 10 shillings.
Executor: Son James.
Wit: Joseph Parke, James Thompson, John Scott.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1798-9)

LUNN, WILLIAM.  London, Britain.
November 15, 1796.  December 3, 1798.
To Uncle Thomas Lunn, with whom I now live, also executor. No record of 
letters. Wit: John Davison, William Carrel, William Hoops.

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1810-1)

October 2, 1810.
William Davison and Adam McCullouch, Administrators.

SMITH, JOHN. New London.
1809: December 19, 1810.
Provides for wife, Nancy Smith. To son Thomas all remainder of estate, 
real and personal, he paying to my son John 150 at the decease of 
sister Margaret, and 15 to John McClure, the son of my wife.
Executors: Kinsman, John W. Cunningham and James Boyd, Esquire.
Wits.: Jno. Chandler, Henry Colt.
Codicil, May 25, 1810, gives to wife's granddaughter Sarah Moore 50 at 
18. Wit.: Adam Davidson.

October 16, 1805. July 31, 1811.
To wife Elizabeth the plantation I now live upon; to her, her heirs and 
assigns; and all household goods, &c. 
To sister Rebecca Withrow, 10. 
To step-son Robert Smith a mare & 2 colts, & farming utensils. 
To step dau. Margaret Smith 5. 
To William, son of John Withrow, a silver watch. To the Congregation of 
Upper Octorara 10. To Rev. Alexander Mitchell 5. 
Remainder to John Withrow, who is executor.
Wits: Hugh Jordan, Edward Webster.
(WILLIAM DAVIDSON was taxed in Chester Co. in 1750.(He would have been born
before 1730)   There are at least 2 deeds that involved William and wife
Janet. He was a friend of the Withrow family and they were neighbors in
West Caln Twp. In his will he states that his sister was Rebecca Withrow. I
do not have the names of any children from William and Janet.  William's
second wife, Elizabeth Smith Davidson, was mentioned in his will. She had
children from her first marriage who were named in the will as
step-children. William Withrow and John Withrow were also named.
William Davidson was on the tax rolls until his death in 1811.  He was a
member of the Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church and was probably buried
I have no prof that Alexander and William were brothers but they had
connections through the Withrow family.
If anyone has information about children from his first marriage with
Janet,or if you know who his parents were, please share it with the list.

PHINEAS DAVIDSON-   was taxed in West Caln Twp. from 1754 - 1765.  ( He
would have been born before 1734.)    In 1763  William Bennett of West Caln
Twp. borrowed money for a mortgage from Thomas Woodward. To secure the loan
he granted to Woodward a tract of land in West Caln bounded by land of
George Campbell, John Robertson, land late of John Hunt now of William
Davidson, and land late of widow Davidson now of Phineas Davidson. ( William
and Phineas were neighbors.)
Could not find a deed for Phineas.He held land by lease. In 1765 he was
taxed for 100 acres 2 horses and 2 cattle.   William Davidson was taxed for
100 acres, 1 horse, 2 cows, 3 sheep.
Alexander Davidson was taxed for 200 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, and 15
Phineas was not on the 1768 tax list or any after that so he must have moved
West or died.
Could these three have been brothers?  Could John and Margaret have been the
parents of all three of them?
If anyone has any information about them please share it. Joan)

Wills: Abstracts and Administrations 1713-1825: Chester Co, PA (Proved 1814-5)

DAVISON, ROBERT JR. Talbot Co., Md. December 28, 1813.
John W. Cunningham, administrator.

January 23, 1813. April 30, 1814.
Provides for wife Margaret. To Harriet Davidson, a girl brought up by 
me, bed & bedding. To son William my hearse & gears and all my coffen 
boards. To son George my lot of land cont. 46 acres, paying their equal 
shares of its value to the other children, John, William, & Sarah 
Lawrance (Samuel Higgins is to have $66 2/3 & no more). 
Rem. to sons John, William and George & gr.dau. Sarah Lawrance.
Executors: Sons John and George Lawrance (Letters to John.)
Wits: Thomas Jordan, Benj. Williams, Jas. Lockhart.
Wills: Abstracts 1809-1817: Will Book H: Cumberland Co, PA 

MC FARLAND, MARGARET, West Pennsbro. November 25, 1809. January 3, 1810. 
Dau. Mary married to John Scot. Dau. Ann married to John Johnston. Nees Peggy McFarlane. 
Daus. Jenny married to William Thompson, Margaret married to Hugh McClelland and Elizabeth 
wife of Thomas Walleis (Wallace). Dau. in law Elizabeth McFarland. To Samuel Myers for heirs 
of James McFarlane decd. Exs: William Thompson and James Davidson. 
Wit: John Dunbar, Isa. Graham. Codicil: December 17, 1809. Now of Newton Township. 
Nephew Arthur Graham one of Exs Wit: Hugh Thompson, Isaiah Graham. H. 30-31. 

YOUNG, ELEANOR, widow of John Young, late of West Pennsborough Township, farmer, 
Newton. March 11, 1811. August 29, 1811. 
Son William Young's oldest children. Dau. Sally McKinney's two eldest children. 
Dau. Elizabeth Davidson. Grandchildren, John Young Davidson, Eleanor Davidson, 
Samuel and William Davidson and Nancy Davidson. 
Exs: Alexander Thompson and Atcheson Laughlin. Wit: Jno. Geddis, Andrew McCord. H. 87-88. 

DAVIDSON, ROBERT, D. D., Carlisle. November 5, 1812. December 17, 1812. 
Wife Jane. Son Robert when eighteen years of age. Children of bro. John Davidson, decd., 
of the State of Maryland. Children of Margaret Herrick of the State of Ohio. Children of  
James Cameron of Cumberland Co. Exs: Wife Jane and David Harris of City of Baltimore. 
Wit: James McCormick, Simon Boyd, Sarah Montgomery. H. 147-148. 

LECKEY, ALEXANDER, West Pennsborough. March 11, 1813. March 29, 1813. 
Wife Elizabeth. House and land in Frankford Township occupied by William McCoy. 
Eldest son Daniel, land where he now lives in Frankford Township. Land in sd. Township 
adjoining lands of James Laird and Abraham Landis. Son George. House in Newville. 
Eldest dau. Prudence Irvine. Other daus. Sarah Leckey, Ann Leckey, Mary Leckey, 
Isabella and Emily Leckey. Grandson William Alexander Leckey, son of son Daniel. 
Seventh dau. Hetty Leckey. Grandson Alexander Leckey Irvine, son of dau. Prudence Irvine. 
Son Daniel Leckey and James Irvine guardians for their own children to whom bequests are made. 
Exs: Wife Elizabeth and Daniel Leckey and Geo. Leckey. 
Wit: John Davidson, James McKihan, Wm. Davidson. H. 164-166. 

MC FARLANE, ELIZABETH, widow of John McFarlane, Esq., West Pennsboro. 
Sons Robert and John. Dau. Jane married to James Davidson. Son William. 
Minor children, viz., Samuel, James, Clemence, Eliza and Polly. 
Ex.: Son Robert McFarlane. Wit: Jno. Geddis, John Green. H. 256-257. 

DAVIDSON, GEORGE, Mifflin. August 28, 1814. October 10, 1814. 
Wife Mary. Only dau. Jane Eliza Davidson, a minor. Exs: Uncle Richard Woods 
of West Pennsborough and bro. in law Samuel Woods of Dickinson Township. 
Wit: Daniel Knettle, William Brown. H. 284-286. 

RAMSEY, WILLIAM, Senr., farmer, South Middleton. October 24, 1816. November 4, 1816. 
Wife Elizabeth. Sons William and David. Two daus., viz., Sarah and Elizabeth Ramsey when children 
are of age. 
Exs: Searight Ramsey and William Barber, Senr. 
Wit: Thomas Baker, David Davidson. H. 445-446. 

Wills: Abstracts 1817-1825: Will Book I: Cumberland Co, PA

BELL, SARAH, widow of James Bell, East Pennsbro. April 15, 1819. June 21, 1819. 
Sons Thomas and William. Daus. Polly, Jane Dunlap and Rebecca wife of Thomas Williamson. 
Grandson John Culbertson. Granddaus. Rev. John Riley. Exs: Sons Thomas Bell and William Bell. 
Wit: John Davidson, Tho. Urie. I. 127. 

DAVIDSON, JAMES, yeoman, West Pennsborough. September 17, 1819. October 27, 1819. 
Five children, minors, viz., Nancy, Elizabeth, John, Margaret Jane and Mary Ann. 
Exs: Isaiah Graham, Esq. and Robert McFarlane. Wit: Arthur Graham, James Rea. I. 144-145. 

BRITTAIN, ADAM, Mifflin. April 24, 1820. June 10, 1820. 
Wife Ann Dau. Martha married to Isaac Weakley. Unmarried daus. Nelly and Mary. 
Sons George, Samuel and William. 
Wit: John Scouller, John Y. Davidson. I. 164. 

DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, yeoman, Westpennsboro. March 13, 1820. May 13, 1820. 
Wife. Three children son William Gass Davidson, only named. Sister Ann Crawford. 
Land near bro. George's. James Giffen's land. Exs: Richard Woods and nephew George Davidson. 
Wit: Jno. Geddis, John Davidson, Junr. I. 168-169. 

CRAIN, RICHARD, North Middleton. April 3, 1817. September 5, 1820. 
Son Richard. Margaret Crain, widow of George Crain. Dau. Elizabeth Crain. Son William. 
Children and grandchildren, to wit, Mary Hamilton, Jane Vanhorn, Ann Dill, Elizabeth Crain, 
William Crain and Abner Crain. 
Exs: Patrick Davidson and Joseph Clark. Wit: Jas. Lamberton, Henry Stoffer. I. 174. 

CAROTHERS, JOHN, Westpennsborough. ---. October 7, 1822. 
Wife Mary. Son William. Dau. Jane Conly. James Geason. William Carothers, Armstrong Carothers. 
Land known by name of Irish Town. Exs: James Neal, son William Carothers and son in law Joseph Conly. 
Wit: George Davidson, Senr., John Fleck. 
Codicil: August 12, 1822. Names dau. Mary Carothers. 
Wit: James Carothers, John Davidson. I. 259-260. 

WOODS, RICHARD, West Pennsborough. October 5, 1822. 22 Feb 1823. 
William and John Kere, Lilly Woods, their sister wife of Samuel Woods, Junr., and 
Mary Kerr, all children of sister Mary who was intermarried with William Kerr, Senr. 
William Woods and Samuel Woods, Junr., sons of bro. Thomas Woods, decd. 
Former property of Samuel White. Nathan Woods, son of bro. William Woods, decd. 
Mary Davidson, widow of George Davidson and dau. of bro. Thos. Woods, decd., 
and her dau. Elizabeth Means, dau. of sd. bro. Thomas, decd. and intermarried with 
John Means of Alleghany Co. Jean Cowan who now lives with me. Bro. Samuel Woods 
and his sons William, James and Richard and his dau. Jane Woods. Jean Woods dau. of 
bro. William, decd. Thomas Trimble's three children, minors. William Agnew Kerr, minor 
son of John Kerr. Appraisers David Sterret, Thomas Patterson, John Harper and Samuel 
McKechan, Junr. 
Exs: William Kerr, Junr., Nathan Woods and Isaiah Graham. 
Wit: David Shellaberger, George McBride. I. 280-282. 

DAVIDSON, JOHN, farmer, Westpennsboro. February 18, 1823. March 4, 1823. 
Wife Leacy. Grandsons, the sons of son John, decd., and the sons of dau. Margaret who was 
intermarried with James Herron. Land in Lycoming Co. Grandchildren, children of son James, decd. 
Sons Hugh and Alexander. Children of dau. Susannah who was intermarried with James McCord. 
Dau. Leacy wife of Robert McCord. Son William. Granddau. Leacy dau. of said dau. Susannah. 
Exs: Sons Alexander and William and son in law Robert McCord. 
Wit: Alexr. Thompson, Jno. Davidson, Junr. I. 289-290. 

WALLACE, THOMAS, weaver, Newville. October 7, 1822. January 7, 1823. 
Wife Sally or Sarah. Only son Thomas Wallace, now a soldier in the British Army, 
reported to belong to the train of Artillery serving in West Indies. 
Dau. Mary intermarried with a man named McCuley in Parish of Clogne, County tyrone, 
Province of Ulster, Ireland. Dau. Sally or Sarah married to a man of name of Irwin living 
in Newville. 
Exs: William Richey, Esq. and Dr. John Geddis, both of Newville. 
Wit: Jno. Moore, George Davidson. I. 292-293. 

THOMPSON, MATTHEW, farmer, Mifflin. March 7, 1821. October 28, 1823. 
Wife Ruth. Sons Samuel and William, minors. Land in Harrison Co., Virginia. 
Dau. Rosanna Glenn. Exs: Wife Ruth and William Glenn of Newville. 
Wit: Alex Thompson, Jno. Geddis, Wm. Thompson. 
Codicil: October 9, 1823. John Davidson, Esq. of West Pennsborough and 
Hugh L. Kenneday. I.321-323. 

URIE, GRIZZLE, North Middleton. December 29, 1819. November 25, 1823. 
Son Thomas Urie, Esq. Dau. Catherine Jacobs. Exs: Sd. son Thomas Urie. 
Wit: John Davidson, James Keyes, Andw. Carothers. I. 340. 

DAVIDSON, HUGH, West Pennsboro. March 29, 1824. April 13, 1824. 
Bros. Alexander and William. Sister Lacy McCord. Sisters in law Jane Davidson 
and Polly Davidson. 
Exs: John Davidson, Esq. and Samuel D. Greason. 
Wit: John Davidson, Thomas Miller, Joseph Trego. I. 360. 

TRIMBLE, JANE, Dickinson. January 17, 1824. July 28, 1824. 
Sons Joseph and Thomas. Dau. Jane Barr. Exs: Son John Trimble. 
Wit: Andrew Davidson, Richard Woods. I. 371. 

DAVIDSON, MATTHEW, Senr., Westpennsboro. May 18, 1825. May 27, 1825. 
Sons John and Matthew, Junr. Two daus. Isabella Davidson and Ann Leckey. 
Land adjoining John Myers and John Bucher, also William Davidson's heirs. 
Dau. Mary McIntire. Exs: Sons John Davidson, Esq. and Matthew Davidson, Junr. 
Wit: Saml. Alexander, Wm. Davidson. I. 408. 

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