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Who's Researching - Montana

Violet Florence DAVISON (F)...........  M: 2 Dec 1906   
  Spouse: Edwin Hiram BROOKS      Glasgow, Valley, Montana 

Marriage License No# 17464 
State of Montana 
County of Yellowstone, 
Groom-Billy LeRoy Davidson a man whose color is White, whose residence is Absarokee, 
Montana, whose age is 21 years, born in Chowchilla, Califorina. 
His father's Christian and surname -is-was Lee Edward Davidson. 
His mother's Christian and maiden name was Florence Dunnigan. 


Bride- Selma Martina Lien, a woman whose color is White, whose residence is Absarokee, 
Montana, whose age is 18 years, born at Absarokee, Montana. 
Her father's Christian name and surname is-was-Gabriel G. Lien. 
Her mother's Christian and maiden name was Martin(a?) Boken. 

Both parties being legally competent to enter into such contract and marriage. And this shall
be your good and sufficient warrant therefor. 
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and official seal this 8th day of 
September, A. D. 1939. A. N. Stow (Clerk District Court.) By Emile B. Stone. (Deputy). 
Davidson, Mary m Campbell, William R. 20 Jan 1886 Davidson, Jennie m Snyder, John H. 24 Nov 1886 This is to Certify, that the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace at Billings in the said County of Yellowstone, State of Montana, join in lawful wedlock Billy L. Davidson and Selma Lien with their mutual consent. In the presence of Martha Peters and J. B. Beasley, Witness my hand this 8th day of September, A. D. 1939. J.W. Palley (?) Justice of the Peace. From ???@??? Sat Jan 09 09:34:42 1999 filed the 11th day of September 1939 and recorded in book 28 of marriages on page 547.

Our Yesterdays
Compiled in 1976 by the
Residences that live in 
the Boulder Valley
Name                  page 

Davison, Clem            ~28,                                     
Davison, Effie           ~28,                                     
Davison, Ella            ~28,94,                                  
Davison, Harry           ~28,                                     
Davison, Merritt         ~28,29,                                  
Davison, William N.      ~28,29,94,   

Sunset Hills Cemetery Ferdinand C Davidson Born Oct 14, 1848 Died May 6, 1918 Masonic Mary Jane Davidson Born July 28, 1857 Died Jan 21, 1950 James Samuel Davidson, son of F C and M J Davidson Born Mar 16, 1879 Died Jan 26, 1898
Bearcreek Cemetery DAVIDSON INFANT 2 OCT 1911 2 OCT 1911 Rockvale Cemetery DAVIDSON CARL ENOCH 23 JAN 1886 12 MAR 1963 DAVIDSON EDNA MARIE 22 MAR 1892 4 MAR 1975 DAVIDSON HANNAH MINNIE 19 APR 1895 16 SEP 1967 DAVIDSON MARTIN AMOS 8 MAY 1893 18 DEC 1975