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Roster of the 7th Texas Infantry, Co C

Johnson Guards, Kaufman and Anderson Counties
Davidson, A. -- enl Jefferson 14 Jan 63, killed at Raymond Davidson, A. J. -- enl Tyler 1 Oct 61, killed at Dallas, Ga. 27 May 64 (Pickett's Mill?) Davidson, J. F. -- enl Tyler 1 Oct 61, died of disease 14 Dec 61 Clarksville TN
Texas Confederate Pension Records

Davidson, Alfred Morris 27219

Claimant: Davidson, Alfred Morris
Pension Number: 27219
County: Fisher

Davidson, Alice 31277

Claimant: Davidson, Alice
Pension Number: 31277
County: Fannin

Husband: John Daniel
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Anna M. 51308

Claimant: Davidson, Anna M.
Pension Number: 51308
County: Montague

Husband: John Henry
Pension Number: 

Davison, Bruce Cisero 20250

Claimant: Davison, Bruce Cisero
Pension Number: 20250
County: Shelby

Davidson, Della 46444

Claimant: Davidson, Della
Pension Number: 46444
County: Panola

Husband: Issac Newton
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Francis Marion 23048

Claimant: Davidson, Francis Marion
Pension Number: 23048
County: Palo Pinto

Davidson, H. A. rej

Claimant: Davidson, H. A.
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Harris

Davidson, Henry Clay 13548

Claimant: Davidson, Henry Clay
Pension Number: 13548
County: Van Zandt

Davidson, Henry Washington 05278

Claimant: Davidson, Henry Washington
Pension Number: 05278
County: Fayette

Davidson, J. M. 23042

Claimant: Davidson, J. M.
Pension Number: 23042
County: Coryell

Davidson, J. O. 25774

Claimant: Davidson, J. O.
Pension Number: 25774
County: Sabine

Davidson, James T. 27214

Claimant: Davidson, James T.
Pension Number: 27214
County: Sabine

Davidson, Jane L. 09427

Claimant: Davidson, Jane L.
Pension Number: 09427
County: Austin

Husband: George L.
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Jane R. 01461

Claimant: Davidson, Jane R.
Pension Number: 01461
County: Fayette

Husband: Wiliiam M.
Pension Number: 

Davidson, John A. 14931

Claimant: Davidson, John A.
Pension Number: 14931
County: Collin

Davidson, John Martin (Mrs) 37715

Claimant: Davidson, John Martin (Mrs)
Pension Number: 37715
County: Navarro

Husband: John Martin
Pension Number: 18202

Davidson, John Martin 18202

Claimant: Davidson, John Martin
Pension Number: 18202
County: Navarro

Davidson, John P. 46925

Claimant: Davidson, John P.
Pension Number: 46925
County: Nacogdoches

Davidson, John Ransom 40425

Claimant: Davidson, John Ransom
Pension Number: 40425
County: Harrison

Davidson, L. A. (Mrs) 09745

Claimant: Davidson, L. A. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 09745
County: Rains

Husband: W. L.
Pension Number: 

Davidson, L. C. (Mrs) 37484

Claimant: Davidson, L. C. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 37484
County: Kaufman

Husband: Henry Clay
Pension Number: 13548

Davidson, Littliton 39519

Claimant: Davidson, Littliton
Pension Number: 39519
County: Van Zandt

Davidson, Lucinda Levina 14875

Claimant: Davidson, Lucinda Levina
Pension Number: 14875
County: Cherokee

Husband: George W.
Pension Number: 

Davidson, M. E. (Mrs) 33670

Claimant: Davidson, M. E. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 33670
County: Fisher

Husband: Alfred Morris
Pension Number: 27219

Davidson, Margaret Elizabeth 49181

Claimant: Davidson, Margaret Elizabeth
Pension Number: 49181
County: Atascosa

Husband: William Wesley
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Margaret S. 32975

Claimant: Davidson, Margaret S.
Pension Number: 32975
County: Palo Pinto

Husband: Francis Marion
Pension Number: 23048

Davidson, Mary J. 52024

Claimant: Davidson, Mary J.
Pension Number: 52024
County: Zavala

Husband: Walter Young
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Mary P. 22137

Claimant: Davidson, Mary P.
Pension Number: 22137
County: Bowie

Husband: Thomas Jefferson
Pension Number: 

Davison, Mattie 40616

Claimant: Davison, Mattie
Pension Number: 40616
County: Dallas

Husband: George Washington
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Mattie M. 35370

Claimant: Davidson, Mattie M.
Pension Number: 35370
County: Jack

Husband: Robert Alexander
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Nalium Putney 10633

Claimant: Davidson, Nalium Putney
Pension Number: 10633
County: Gonzales

Davidson, Ottawa Anna 38246

Claimant: Davidson, Ottawa Anna
Pension Number: 38246
County: Hays

Husband: Nalium Putney
Pension Number: 10633

Davidson, Pedras Philips (Mrs) 36776

Claimant: Davidson, Pedras Philips (Mrs)
Pension Number: 36776
County: Sabine

Husband: Pedras Philips
Pension Number: 

Davidson, S. J. (Mrs) 41818

Claimant: Davidson, S. J. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 41818
County: Harrison

Husband: John Ransom
Pension Number: 40425

Davidson, Sarah A. 12238

Claimant: Davidson, Sarah A.
Pension Number: 12238
County: Van Zandt

Husband: John K.
Pension Number: 

Davison, Sarah Elizabeth 51790

Claimant: Davison, Sarah Elizabeth
Pension Number: 51790
County: Harris

Husband: John James
Pension Number: 

Davidson, Sarah Josephine 43382

Claimant: Davidson, Sarah Josephine
Pension Number: 43382
County: Sabine

Husband: William Richard
Pension Number: 16431

Davidson, T. L. 20265

Claimant: Davidson, T. L.
Pension Number: 20265
County: Trinity

Davidson, T. L. rej

Claimant: Davidson, T. L.
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Van Zandt

Davidson, Thomas B. 06812

Claimant: Davidson, Thomas B.
Pension Number: 06812
County: Sabine

Davidson, Thomas D. 00617

Claimant: Davidson, Thomas D.
Pension Number: 00617
County: Caldwell

Davidson, W. L. 03388

Claimant: Davidson, W. L.
Pension Number: 03388
County: Rains

Davidson, William C. 30065

Claimant: Davidson, William C.
Pension Number: 30065
County: Comanche

Davidson, William Richard 16431

Claimant: Davidson, William Richard
Pension Number: 16431
County: Sabine


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