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Donald Davidson & Sinclair/Sinclaira Calder   

Hugh Davison & Miss McCrory   

James Davidson & Margaret Bell

John Davidson & m.2 Mary Dunlop

John Davidson & Susan Hardie   

Phineas Davidson

Thomas Davison & Anne Alexander Lewis   William Davidson & Letitia "Letty" Matchet

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Auction of Jacobite Prisoners

William Davidson
Many jacobites, Scottish loyalists, who fought unsuccessfully to place the Stuarts on the throne of Brittan in 1715 and 1746 were captured by the English, shackled, shipped and sold at Maryland docks to the highest bidder into servitude or white bondage for seven years. Many were of ancient and Honourable lineage. Some returned to Scotland at the end of their period of slavery, while others remained and became loyal tenants of the Lord Propriietary.

Executions in England from 1606

The following list is extracted from the publication 'Haydn's Dictionary of
Dates' published in London in 1895. I have this book in my possession.  The
name's are as published, with forenames where found. The date is in reference
to the day of execution. A reason for execution is noted if known and the
last place of reference is the place of the trial. Also noted are the names
of the victims, where known.

In The reign of Henry VIII. (38 Years) It is said that no less a number than
72,000 criminals were executed. In the ten years between 1820 and 1830, there
were executed in England alone 797 criminals. The place of execution in London
(formerly generally at Tyburn) was in front of Newgate from 1783 to 1868, when
an act was passed directing executions to take place within the walls of the
prisons. The dissection of the bodies of the executed persons was abolished
in 1832.

Name  Date of      Reason of Execution; Place of Trial     Execution

DAVIDSON, John          1820  01 May   Treason; Old Bailey