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have a copy of a couple of books on place names in Georgia. I am in the process of trying to compile a list for the GAGenWeb page. Here is a list of the Forts and their counties and date built or established if known (the ones in the 1830s were indian stockades built to hold Cherokee and others before they were resettled west): Fort Advance Baldwin 1794 Fort Alert Charlton Fort Argyle Bryan 1733 Fort Augusta Richmond 1736 Fort Barrington McIntosh 1760 (later called Fort Howe) Fort Bartow Chatham Fort Benning Chattahoochee 1917 Fort Brown Chatham Civil war Fort Buffington Cherokee Fort Cedartown Polk 1830s Fort Chastain Towns 1830s Fort Cockspur Chatham by 1764 Fort Cornwallis Richmond erected by British Fort Cummings Walker 1836 Fort Dahlonega Lumpkin 1830s Fort Daniel Gwinnett 1813 Fort Darien McIntosh aft 1736 Fort Dearborn Clinch 1830s Fort Defense Wayne Rev. War Fort Defiance Baldwin by Elijah Clarke Fort Deposit Dawson 1818 Fort Early Dooly/Crisp 1812 Fort Ebenezer Effingham 1757 Fort Edwards Oconee 1789 Fort Erwin Washington by Jared Irwin Fort Fidius Baldwin 1793 Fort Floyd nr Okefenokee 1838 Swamp Fort Frederica Glynn 1736 Fort Frogtown White 1838 Fort Gaines Clay 1814 Fort Galphin Richmond? erected by British Fort George Chatham 1761 Fort Gillem Clayton 1974 Fort Gilmer Clinch Fort Gilmer Fulton orig. name for Fort Peachtree Fort Gilmer Gilmer 1836 Fort Gordon Richmond Fort Greene Pulaski destroyed 1804 Fort Grierson Richmond Rev. War Fort Halifax Chatham 1759 Fort Hawkins Bibb 1806 Fort Heard Wilkes 1774 Fort Heitzel Gilmer 1830s Fort Hill Dougherty Fort Howe McIntosh 1777 Fort Hughes Decatur 1700s Fort Jackson Chatham 1808 (on site of Mud Fort, built 1778) Fort James Elbert c1776 Fort Jones Stewart c1837 Fort King George McIntosh 1721 Fort Lamar Madison Fort Lawrence Taylor c1804 Fort Lawton Jenkins 1864 (POW camp) Fort McAllister Bryan 1861 Fort McIntosh Camden 1777 Fort McPherson Fulton 1867 Fort McCreary Stewart bef 1836 Fort Massachusetts Baldwin 1791 Fort Mathews Clarke 1793 Fort Mitchell Russell, AL 1813 Fort Montpelier Baldwin 1794 Fort Morris Liberty 1776 Fort Mountain Murray c1530 (Indian?) Fort Mudge Brantley Fort Mudge Pierce Fort Nell Greene Fort Oglethorpe Bibb Civil War Fort Oglethorpe Catoosa 1902 Fort Peachtree Fulton 1814 Fort Perry Marion 1813 Fort Pickering Charlton c1812 Fort Pond Pulaski lake named for Fort Greene Fort Prince William Camden 1740 Fort Pulaski Chatham c1829 Fort Recovery Decatur 1817 Fort Romulos Monroe sited, but never built Fort St. Andrew Camden 1736 Fort St. Simon Glynn 1738 Fort Scott Decatur 1816 Fort Screven Chatham 1875 Fort Steward Bryan, Evans, Liberty & Long Fort Sunbury Liberty 1776 (aka Fort Morris) Fort Swamp McIntosh mid 1700s Fort Tattnall Clinch 1838 Fort Telfair Long 1776 (also called Beards Bluff Fort) Fort Tonyn at Scrubby Bluff on St. Mary's River Rev War Fort Twiggs Hancock 1793 Fort Tybee Chatham c1779 Fort Tyler Troup Civil War Fort Uchee Screven bef 1742 Fort Valley Peach/Houston Fort Walker Fulton Civil War Fort Walker on Chepucky Island Fort Washington Wilkes Fort Wayne Chatham 1759 (orig Fort Savannah) Fort Wilkinson Baldwin 1797 Fort William Camden 1740 Fort Wimberley Chatham 1741 Fort Winston Baldwin 1794 Fort Wormsloe Chatham 1735 Fort Wrightsboro McDuffie Rev. War Fort Yargo Barrow 1790s

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