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[p.361] 8--2. William Champe, of Augusta, Ky., b. 1807; d. 1873; a distin-
guished lawyer, orator and statesman; educated at Augusta College; 
represented Bracken County, 1834-40-41-42-44 and 50; of the State Con-
vention, in 1849;  Commonwealth's Attorney, and as Mayor of Augusta. 
He m. 1834, Susan Myers, d. 1876; dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Davidson) 
Myers, of Augusta, Ky., and had issue; untraced.

COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE Southern States of America
page 372
[p.372] CAPTĚ MATT MARTIN, (4--9), of South Carolina, Kentucky and Tenn.,
youngest son of Capt. Abram and Elizabeth (Mar-shall-Smith) Martin, of 
Edgefield District, S.C., b. Dec. 26, 1763, in Charlotte Co., Va.; d. Oct. 16 1846, 
in Bedford Co., Tenn. He served with distinction in the Revolution; and took a 
prominent and active part in affairs of Church and State. In 1806, he removed 
rom Edge-field District, S.C., to Bourbon Co., Ky., and in 1808 to Bedford Co.,
Tenn., where he resided until his death. He m. 1-20-1787 Sarah Clay, born 
11-16-1765 d. 12-6-1842 dau of Henry and Rachel (Puvall) Clay, of Charlotte 
Co., Va.; and a cousin of Hon. Henry Clay, of Kentucky. Issue:

5--1. Barclay (Martin), b. 12-17-1802, of Bedford Co., Tenn., a distinguished 
and influential citizen of his State; he filled many positions of honor and 
trust, taking an active part in affairs of both Church and State. He was 
married four times (first) Miss Scruggs; (second) unknown; (third) unknown; 
and (fourth) Maria Williams, dau. of Gen. Samuel and Ruth (Davidson) 
Williams; no issue.  They reared their niece, Margaret Frierson Martin, 
dau. of Gen. Matt and Sarah Quincy (Williams) Martin.

GEN. MATT MARTIN, (5--2), of Maury Co., Tenn., b. June 18, 1812, in 
Bedford Co., Tenn.; d. 1892, in Maury Co., Tenn.; served with distinction 
in the Mexican and Civil Wars; entered the C. S. A. as Col. of the 23rd 
Tenn. Inf., was elected Major General of the 3rd Div. of Tenn. Troops; and 
was Aid to Gen. Patt Claiborn at the Battle of Shilo. He was a distinguished 
lawyer, was admitted to the Bar in 1851, and practiced at Shelbyville, 
Manchester, Tullahoma and other places. He took a prominent and active 
part in the affairs of his State, and filled many positions of honor and trust. 
He m. (first) Sept. 24, 1835, Sarah Quiney Williams, d. 1851; dau. of Gen. 
Samuel and Ruth (Davidson) Williams; (second) his cousin Elizabeth B. Martin, 
dau. of Judge Abram and Jane (Patton) Martin. Issue by first marriage:

 [Regi]ster of the names of all ye Passinger wch Passed from ye Port 
of London for on whole yeare Endinge at Xpmas 1635.

 15 March. Grant to WILLIAM DAVIDSON and others, licence special to dig 
for all mines of gold and other metals in Jamaica, for two years. (14 Chas. II. p. 11.)

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