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January 2012, Brown and Gemmell families updated.

January 2012, Ahnentafel Chart updated with new additions from the Aplsey, Munns and Inge lines.

August 2008, Staley and Rawley families updated

September 2007, Wright & Thearle families added, all charts updated
Ahnentafel and ALL descendants charts updated. Descendants chart for the WRIGHT and THEARLE families added. Research in process for the GEMMELL, THEARLE, BROWN and RAWLEY families.

Jan 2007, Gemmell Updates
Gemmell Descendants updated with new information about Agnes H. Gemmill born c1864 who married Richard Stewart in 1886 in Almonte.

March 2006, E-mail Service Interruptions
It's been bought to my attention that sometimes e-mails aren't getting through to me. There have been some service interruptions lately, please try again if an e-mail is bounced back.

October 2004, Munns Family Added, Ahnentafel Chart Updated
New page added for the MUNNS Family Descendants. Ahnentafel updated with additional information found relating to KNIGHT, RIDDICK and HORLOCK ancestors, all associated with the MUNNS family.

July 2004, New E-mail Address
Contact Tina Gemmell at [email protected] 

February 2004, Ahnentafel Chart and Surname Index
Updated with additional names and information gathered over the past three years, primarily from research into the APSLEY, BEESTON, FOX, FROST, LONG, MUNNS, PAWLE / PAULE, SIDNEY, WRIGHT and JONES families.

February 2004, Site Updates
Search functionality added courtesy of FreeFind.

January 2004, Research in Progress
APSLEY, SIDNEY, BEESTON and PAWLE families of Kent, England.

January 2003, Research in Progress
FOX family of West Drayton, Middlesex, England c1850-present; WRIGHT family of Pembrokeshire and Glamorgan, Wales c1780-1900; and MUNNS family of Holborn, Middlesex and Isle of Wight, England c1700-1900.

April 2000, New Reference Section
Petition from Freeholders and Inhabitants of Wolfe Island, Frontenac, Upper Canada, 1836

October 1999, New Reference Section
Entries for Staley, Vetter/Fader, Walliser, and Associated Families Transcribed from the Registers of the United Anglican Mission of Williamsburgh, Matilda, Osnabruck, and Edwardsburgh 1790-1886

April 1999, Addendum
Staley Descendant Chart: year of birth for Tobias Staley corrected (1861 to 1761). Occupations for Martin Staley 1801-1879 corrected (his son Martin was the Schooner Owner and Lecturer). Thanks to Barbara Bonner for bringing these to my attention.
Ball Descendant Chart: Albert Edward Harry Ball (from baptism) changed to Edward Albert Ball as this is how he was known both legally and socially. Thanks to Dan Ball for this one.

April 1999, New Descendant Charts
Descendant charts added for the Ball, Brown, Rawley and Staley families.

October 1998, Web site launched.
Site includes: Home page; Surnames being researched; 16 generation Ahnentafel; 7 generation Gemmell descendant chart; 11 generation Walker descendant chart; site update Diary; and Copyright notice.

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