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This is a brief outline of more than 30 years of family history research published here for the benefit of family members and others researching the same lines. It's a "work in process" (both the research and the web site). If you have any questions, or think we have a connection and would like to exchange information please contact Tina Gemmell


Ahnentafel Chart UPDATED
Ancestor table documenting sixteen generations.


Surname Index
Families being researched.


Research Files

Record abstracts and transcriptions, recommendations for further reading, and links to relative online resources.


What's New?
A diary of updates to this web site.

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Ball Family
Carpenters and shipwrights from Wales and Cheshire, England who emigrated to Illinois, USA in 1891.

Brown Family  UPDATED
Military settlers and pioneers who settled in Montreal in the late 1700's and migrated to Frontenac Co., Canada West in the 1860's.

Gemmell Family UPDATED
With roots in Ayrshire, Scotland, two lines of Gemmill and Gemmell families cover seven generations and include pioneers who settled in Ramsay Twp., Lanark Co., Upper Canada.

Munns Family
Gentlemen and Ham Dealers originating in Fleet Market, Holborn, London, and retiring to the Isle of Wight, England.

Staley Family
The Loyalist branch of the family who came to Upper Canada (Ontario) from the Mohawk Valley, New York.|

Thearle Family
Blacksmiths from the parishes of Shorwell and St. Helens, Isle of Wight.

Rawley Family
Three generations of pioneers who settled Wolfe Island and McLean, Frontenac Co., Ontario in the 1800's.

Walker Family
Eleven generations of fishermen, farmers, innkeepers (and smugglers?) on the Isle of Wight in England.

Wright Family
Gamekeepers and policemen from Pembroke and Glamorgan in Wales.

This site is dedicated to the memory of
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"Remember me when I am gone away, gone far away into the silent land."
Christina Rosetti,
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Winifred M. (Foster) Gemmell J. Arthur Gemmell
Reginald W. Ball
Edith A. (Fox) Ball
Winifred M. (Foster)
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J. Arthur Gemmell

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