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What's New at the Geiger Web Site?

August 5th, Added three Resource links to the index page. GEIGER     KIGER     KYGER

August 5thAdded to the Geiger/Kiger/Kyger GenConnect Boards Webpage links to the various to the Kiger and Kyger boards.

 KIGER ----- queries records biographies deeds obituaries pensions wills

 KYGER ----queries records biographies deeds obituaries pensions wills

August 4th,

Four link's have been added to the webpage of Henricus Geiger

1) Link to picture of  Adam Kiger and Sarah Jaquett
2) Link to pictures of Samuel Throckmorton Kiger
3) Link to Last Will and Testament of Matthias Geiger

4) Link to Photo of Edith N. Borton  who was born March 20th 1875 and  married Elmer E. Kiger on November 20th 1900.

Aug 4th - A Link has been added on the Colonial Page for:  John Christopher Kiger

Aug 4th - A New Links for subscribing to the Kyger-L and Kiger-L mailing list's on the Geiger-L Mailing list Webpage

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