Geiger-L Rules

The RootsWeb GEIGER list was created in June 1998 and currently has approximately 130 members.

Some rules which will help to make the list more informative and enjoyable for all concerned follow:

1. One of the greatest resources available to you when joining a list such as this is to pay a visit to the Rootsweb Archives and search the archived messages. New list members are encouraged to search for topics of interest in the archives before posting to the list in order to avoid duplication. The archives for this list can be accessed at: RootsWeb Mailing Lists -- Interactive Search It is also helpful for new list members to "lurk" on the list for a few days to get an idea as to how to best post a message to the group.

2. Everyone on this list should understand that the list is concerned with all aspects of the Geiger surname and all variants of that name such as: KIGER, KYGER, KEIGER, GYGER, GIGER, GIEGER, etc. It is also concerned with the families who were allied to the above surnames in so far as the information aids us in researching our Geiger ancestors. The German/Swiss/Alsatian surname Geiger and its variants can be found in all parts of the world today.

3. It should be remembered when posting a message to this list that it is important to identify the location of the Geigers you are discussing. Be as specific when listing your information as you can in your subject. "John Geiger" is a far less helpful subject line than "John Geiger, Somerset County, PA, 1800" would be for example. Also, those who receive this list in Digest format are urged to change the subject line which is automatically placed in the "reply to" function to one which will be informative--since digests all revert to a subject such as: [GEIGER-L] Re: GEIGER-D Digest V98 #64 which tells the reader nothing about the information contained in the message.

4. It can be helpful when posting messages to the list to captitalize the surnames in the message for easy reading.

5. Remember while most of the members of the list at present are Americans and are researching Geigers who at some point emigrated to America, not ALL on the list are Americans, and we should remember that when posting our information. The subscribers to the list which concerns itself with a Germanic surname should not forget the fact that many who join us in our discussions are from elsewhere in the world. English may not be their native language. We all can learn from one another, and respect for all is of utmost importance. Remember the roots of our American Geiger families lie in Europe, and the European roots of our families are a vital part of our research. Remember there are others who are researching European Geigers who remain in Europe today. If the English speaking members of the list ever find the need to translate a message posted to it, or a reply you wish to make to someone whose language is not English, I encourage you to visit the following WebSite which provides a free translation service: AltaVista: Translations

6. Any questions, suggestions, complaints, administration trivia, or requests for help messages concerning the day to day running of the list are to be addressed to me privately at the following address: Joan Young and should NOT be posted to the list. The list is for genealogical discussion. At present the list is setup with a default setting of automatic "reply to list" when you reply to a posting which means that discussion is encouraged to include the list as a whole and not just the individual you are replying to. However, if you are merely thanking someone for information or wish to relay information of interest to only one other person please change the reply to exclude the list and reply only to the individual. In general, reply to LIST is encouraged. I have also set up the list to include the list name in the subject of all messages coming to the members from the list. I realize that this takes space in the subject box that could be put to use in displaying the actual subject of the individual messages. The list name appearing in the subject serves no useful purpose for those receiving digests but I hope those members will understand that it does serve a purpose in enabling single message mode subscribers to sort their mail by subject which is a very useful function.

7. Do not forward to the list any virus warnings (even if believed to be true), chain letters, or other "scare" letters that persistently make their way around the Internet without first checking with the list moderator. RootsWeb's policy is that this type of material is NOT to be sent to the genealogy lists--even if the virus is a REAL one (which it usually isn't). Virus warnings can be checked out at the following Website: Current Internet Hoaxes - Urban Legends

8. Remember that mistakes will be made and none of us will remember at all times to follow the above suggestions. So please be tolerant of your fellow researchers and list members. We encourage a pleasant and friendly atmosphere on the list and flames of any kind will not be tolerated. We do encourage free discussion, even when that includes disagreements as to research findings. If anyone on the list is flamed or attacked in any way by another member of the list, please contact me privately and I will deal with the situation. Please do not post any such discussion to the list. It is possible (and sometimes necessary) to have disagreements in order to make progress in research--but they must be handled in a civil and polite manner.

The above rules also apply to the Kiger and Kyger mailing list except for the fact that those lists are for the discussion of the specific spellings of those names.

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