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 In the spring of 1996 a small group of genealogical researchers first "met" on the Internet by means of message boards, mailing lists, and newsgroups. We all had one common interest--the surname Kiger or Kyger. It was soon decided that if we were to learn whether our various Kiger/Kyger families were in any way related to one another we would have to compare notes and share our research findings. This common effort of sharing soon led to the birth of a quarterly newsletter called The Kiger Kounter. Our interests broadened to include the study of all variations of the Kiger surname and expanded well beyond our original goal of determining whether or not we were related to one another.

 The best way to tell you about our newsletter, The Kiger Kounter, is to let it do the talking for itself. I would be happy to send a sample copy of our latest issue to anyone who is interested. I will need a mailing address to do so.

 The first stumbling block to overcome in researching the surname Kiger/Kyger is realizing that the name is not an original surname. It is a variant of Geiger, a common German-Swiss surname which means "Fiddler" or "Musician." Therefore, a major part of our Kiger/Kyger research involves the "root" surname Geiger.

 If you provide me with information about your Kigers, Kygers, or Geigers I will be able to tell you whether we have discussed them as yet in our newsletter, and whether there is a particular back issue that might be of interest to you. If you would like me to search my files for your Kiger, Kyger, or Geiger ancestors I would be happy to do so, but I will need to know your earliest provable ancestor.

Joan M. Young, editor, The Kiger Kounter
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