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Made in America since 1638
William Garard---and----Phyllis E. Alvey Garard

It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge the dozens of family members who have shared their personal family information so generously. The information contained in these pages is the result of the work of many people over the span of many decades, which, along with our own research, we have compiled over the last few years. It is on going and we are open to and welcome all additions and/or corrections. What you will find here are our direct line ancestors along with family members. We have put our genealogical information on-line using a great program called Gedpage. The information can be examined two ways, a list of surnames and a list of individuals. We are doing this in the hope that our cousins out surfing the internet will recognize one of their ancestors, get in touch with us and we can share information.

This is and will continue to be a Work-in-Progress. It contains some unverified data, some assumptions and probably some errors. Many of the named persons and data have been furnished by others and are listed here only as furnishing clues for further research. Please, use the information on our site as a guide only for research and not as proof. Remember we are human and as such may have erred in data entry or may currently have incorrect information. Verify the data for accuracy. Also,want to see a cute Grandson?

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A list of our Surnames in the data base.

William Garard's Grandparent File

Phyllis Alvey's Grandparent File

PHOTOS: Ancestors & Relatives of William Garard

PHOTOS: Ancestors & Relatives of Phyllis E. Alvey Garard

TOMBSTONES: Ancestors of William & Phyllis Alvey Garard

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