Townsend, John

Townsend, John


From Deputy genealogy, Jennings County Library, IN, compiled by Belvah Perkins


John Townsend, Senr. of Somerset County, Province of Md., Planter.

Debts and decent burial.

To son John Townsend, Junr., parcel of land containing 200 acres called Oak Hill . . . parcel of land containing 100 acres called "Townsend Discovery"

To son Solomon Townsend 200 acres of land called "Coventry after my wife's decease, but in case my said son Solomon die without heirs . . to son Charles.

To son Charles (after wife's decease) negro woman . . . if any children, wife to dispose of them.

To son William, negro boy.

To son Jeremiah 12 pence.

To son James 12 pence.

To daughter Elizabeth, wife to Robert Smith 12 pence.

Remaining part of my personal estate unto my well beloved wife, Elizabeth Townsend and her children that remain with her, but in case any of said children shall marry or go away from their said Mother, then the personal estate shall be divided equally and that person shall . . .

Made 18 May 1698

Signed John (x) Townsend (Senr) (Seal)

Witnesses: Henry (x) Hudson, and Daniel (x) Denaho (o).

Probated: Last day of November 1698. Oath of all witnesses, then sworn. Executrix and appraisers approved and appointed. Before all

(Samuel Hopkins, Deputy Commissary.

Source: Somerset County Wills, Liber E.B. #5, ff. 103-105.