Mary Lucas

Mary Lucas

1801, Nov. 7, , will of Dunham, Mary, of Middlesex Co., wife of Samuel Dunham.

Son, Samuel Dunham, my right to the estate of my father Robert Lucas and L20.

Son, Thomas Dunham, 2 acres of salt meadow in Woodbridge.

Son, Jonathan Dunham, all land in Piscataway Tsp., and residue; he to support his father, i.e. Samuel Dunham, during his life.

Daughters, Hipsobeth (wife of Samuel Walker),

Jane (wife of Isaac Davis).

Elizabeth (wife of Nahum Dunn),

And Mary (wife of Richard Ball), household furniture.

Executor-son, Jonathan Dunham.

Witnesses-Henry Sutton, Jr., Henry Sutton, 3rd and Henry Sutton.

Proved Oct. 11, 1805,

(Recorded, Surrogate's Office, Middlesex Co.)

File 10058L.