William Gosnell and Susanna King

William Gosnell and Susanna King

William was enumerated in the 1820 census of Harrison County, KY. He had no sons at the time, but five daughters under age 10. Besides his wife, there was another older female living in his home. I don't know where his son William was at this time, since he wasn't counted. He would have been about 8 years old at this time. He was listed in my grandmother's (Frances Spurlin Garard) notes as dying before he married.

On 2 Aug 1824 William purchased 119 1/2 acres of land in Harrison County, KY. This land was purchased for $597.00 and was on the East Side of the south fork of Licking Creek and bordered land owned by his father, Benjamin Gosnell. William and Susan sold this land for $1000.00 on 24 Jan 1829 (then described as 124 acres) to Joseph Blair of Harrison county, KY. The latter deed does not mention Benjamin Gosnell as owning adjoining land.

William moved his family to Rush County, Indiana in 1829, see note on his daughter Frances. In June of 1830 William was living in Rush County, IN with his wife and two sons and five daughters. Here he farmed for the remainder of his life.

William died intestate and John Hume was appointed administrator of his estate on 4 Nov 1870. Apparently there was a dispute between some of the heirs concerning the division of William's land. Susan Gosnell brought a chancery suite to Rush County Circuit court on 20 Apr 1871 against her daughters Serena Julian, Elizabeth Farlow and their respective husbands and two grandchildren, Ellen M. Booth and William Gillespie. The court determined the division at that time.

Final division of the estate was made 16 Feb 1872. Widow Susan Gosnell and all living children were mentioned as heirs along with the children of deceased daughters Emily Booth and Sarah Clark. The estate realized $5,318.75 of which $1,021.86 was paid out to settle bills, leaving $4,296.69 that was divided among the heirs. Each of the two daughters of deceased child Emily Booth received $179.03 and each of the two living children and the son one deceased child of deceased daughter Sarah Clark received $119.95.

Susanna and William are buried at the Star Church Cemetery, located at the intersection of County Roads 650N & 400W in Adams Township, Decatur County, Indiana. We were told that the cemetery started out as a family burial area, than became a neighborhood burial area and finally the Star Baptist Church Cemetery.