Elias Gerard and Joanna Crist

Elias Gerard and Joanna Crist

Elias appeared on the Clermont Co. Ohio census of 1802 and in 1804 he bought land on the East Fork of the Little Miami River, dB E- 04, p. 396. He and Joanna (Hannah as it appears on the deeds) sold part of the land in 1806 and 1807. In February of 1817 Elias entered into a contract with John Conover selling him 100 acres with payments to be made for a period of several years.

The family then moved to Indiana. According to the HISTORY OF DECATUR CO. INDIANA, 1915, Elias was issued a land grant 14 Nov 1820 and he was one of 48 entries in Fugit Township. On page 5 it states that their daughter, Nellie (Elender), born in the fall of 1819, was the first white child born in the county.

Elias wrote his will 10 Apr 1822 and it was proved at court 20 Jun 1822 with Joanna named as the executrix, Decatur Co. WB A, p. 1-4. The will names his wife and all his children with five unmarried daughters. It also told of the money due on the land in Ohio. Probate Order Book A, p. 52 shows that Sarah or "Sally" was no longer a minor when a guardian was appointed. The settlement of the estate was not completed until 1845.

The Probate Order Books spelled Joanna's name also as Johanna and the daughter Joanna as Hannah. The marriage record in Hamilton County had her name listed as Hannah but all records indicate that the names are all for the same person. The Probate Order Book A, p. 56 shows by 27 Mar 1827 that Johanna had remarried and was the wife of George Michael. Joanna was married to James Hobbs when son, David, filed a case for the partition of the land 17 Aug 1843, Order Book B, p. 361. This document names the spouses, and children of deceased heirs.

An administrator was appointed for Joanna's estate 23 Mar 1847 and the inventory was held 17 Apr 1847. The final settlement of Joanna's estate, 14 Aug 1848, was found in Probate Book F, p. 488.