The first named child in the will of Rev

David Garard and Margaret ???????


The first named child in the will of Rev. John was David who had already received his portion of the estate and was willed a sum of 10 shillings. Rev. John and Mehetable sold 150 acres of the 1766 land grant to David 4 Apr 1769 recorded, later, in Berkeley Co. WV Deed Book 3, p.88. David bought in 1776 from Nathaniel Bell 79 1/2 acres, dB 3, p.507. Then he bought a 90-acre tract from his father in 1779, dB 5, p.268. This is the tract of land from which David laid out in 1784 a plat of 40 lots that was named Middletown and later renamed Gerrardstown in honor of David Gerrard as founder of the town. On this 90 acre tract stood the John Hays log and stone house, which is considered one of the oldest, preserved houses of West Virginia, as of 1997. It is called the Gerard House.

Deed records state that David, who also is thought to have been a Baptist minister, left a will but it was not found until 1994 among old records in the basement of the Berkeley Co. Court House. Deed records proved David Gerrard Jr. and Matthew R. as sons. The will names David, John, Nathaniel, Matthew, Sarah, Margaret, and his grandson David, the son of Justice, deceased. The will was written 15 May 1809 and was proved in court 15 Oct 1821. James Bell was named the executor. The settlement papers show that James Bell paid on 21 Oct 1821 for the digging of Graves for both David and his wife and that Joseph Maslin was paid for the coffins. This indicates that David and his second wife, Jane, died within a short time of each other.

The name of David's first wife, Margaret, was found on a deed of March 1776. Margaret died sometime after 20 Apr 1790 when she and David sold 2 lots in Middletown to Abner Garard, dB 9, p.250. His second wife, Jane, appears on a deed dated 15 Apr 1794 when they sold land to

David Jr., dB 11, p.565.

Source: THE BERKELEY JOURNAL, 1991, John Gerrard Family, by Don Wood.

The Will of David Gerard, found in the Berkeley Co. Circuit Court,

Box L. Bundle 8 and re-recorded Deeds No.4 p.61-63.