Samuel Dunham and Hannah Ruble

Samuel Dunham and Hannah Ruble

Samuel Dunham was born in 1752 probably in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ, and died February 18, 1824 in Back Creek Valley, Berkeley Co. VA. 1783 tax records of Berkeley County: Samuel Dunham: 1 w tiltable 3 horses and 3 cows.1787 Virginia Census, Berkeley County: Samuel Dunham: Four horses, five cattle. He first bought land (117 acres) in Berkeley County on June 13 1791.

He settled in Back Creek Valley Co. VA about 1776. This area in Frederick Co. later became part of Berkeley Co. VA (now WV). Back Creek Valley was first settled in 1721-1735. Jeremiah Smith and two friends explored Black Creek in 1730 and returned to their homes in New Jersey to prepare families to emigrate.

He is placed in this family line as the son of Samuel Dunham and Mary Lucas without complete proof of such relationship, but given this connection as his most probable parentage. There is very strong circumstantial evidence supporting this parentage.

Nine generations of his descendants have lived continuously in Berkeley County since 1783 when he is first recorded as living there. Many of them are still farmers.

He was a farmer all his life, having a total of 611 acres of land in his estate. In 1810 he owned 2 slaves (shown on Census). It is rumored that his ancestors came to America in 1671.

SOURCE: The Dunham Family in America 1752-2000,Second Edition Pg. 1 by David Lee Dunham.

Hannah's maiden name is believed to be Ruble, the daughter of David Ruble and Sarah Malin of Washington Co. PA. In the deed from Berkeley County in 1791 where David Ruble sold to Samuel Dunham his first land for 100 lbs. "and other just causes". This was a common wording in that time that there was a relationship between the two parties. Also her first child was named Sarah and her second child was named David.