Deputy, Sylvester

Deputy, Sylvester


The Deputy's were French Huguenots who emigrated to Wales because of Religious persecution. While in Wales they changed the name to Depaty. When they emigrated to American they changed the name to Deputy.


From Jennings County Library, IN, Deputy genealogy by Belvah Perkins. Land Record of Sylvester Deputy 1741


Pennsylvania, and Counties of Delaware, By the Proprietaries:

Whereas Sylvester Deputy of the County of Sussex hath requested of Us that We would be pleased to grant him a survey on three hundred and fifty acres of land situate in Gum Neck adjoining his Plantation on the Forest of the said County for which he agrees to pay to our Ufe, from the Date hereof, the yearly Quit-Rent of One Penny Sterling for every Acre of the farm, and one whole Year's Rent on every Alienation: THESE are therefore to authorize and require thee to survey or cause to be surveyed unto the said Sylvester Deputy at the Place aforesaid, contiguous to Surveys already made, the said Quantity of 350 acres, if not already surveyed or appropriated, and make Return thereof into the Secretary's Office, in order for Confirmation; for which this shall be they sufficient Warrant. Given under my Hand, and the Seal of our Land Office, at Philadelphia, this eighth day of April 1741

To Benjamin Eaftburn, Surveyor-General