Christian C

Christian C. Bridgewater

This is a quote of an item from an older member of the family: "After being married in Kentucky and having one Son, Isaac, born to the Union, Christian and his wife decided to emigrate to the State of Indiana which was thinly settled at that time. The mode of their travel was as follows: 'They had one chestnut sorrel mare which his wife rode and carried their son Isaac on her lap. From the horn on her sidesaddle she carried what bedding and cooking utensils they had. Her husband walked, carrying his rifle, a very necessary article at that time. A large dog accompanied them. They had only $4.00 in money when they started on their journey. After crossing the Ohio River they journeyed until they came to Scott County, Indiana, and there near Vienna they settled and there built their home and reared their family among other hardy pioneers of the day. The eldest son, Isaac, was born in Kentucky, but the remainder of the children were born in Indiana'". By Emma Bridgewater Tiplady.