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    Our Immigrant Ancestor

    Although in many cases the exact connections have not yet been established, most Gables of the South are descendants of JOHN GABLE, a Palatinate or Swiss-German immigrant who settled with his family in Saxe-Gotha Township [present-day Lexington County] of colonial South Carolina. His descendants have spread westward across the United States, remaining primarily in the southern half of the country. In some lines the name has evolved into Gabel, Gables, Gabrels, Gabriel and perhaps Gabbie.

    An entry in the Records of His Majesty's Council for the Colony of South Carolina provides the following details of the Gable family's first years in America:

    John Gable immigrated to the Colony of South Carolina with his wife and two children aboard the ship of Captain Brown. [Although not stated in the Journal entry, one may speculate that the family arrived on the voyage that landed 31 December 1744.]

    The immigrant was indentured to Captain Brotherick at Port Royal in order to repay his family's cost of sea passage.

    On 2 February 1748, his period of service completed, the Council granted him 250 acres of land in Saxe-Gotha Township. [No plat of the land grant was recorded, so the precise location of the original Gable farm has not been established.]

    Other Gable Immigrants

    Several other Gables immigrated to Philadelphia from German or Dutch ports in the same Colonial period. Descendants of the Pennsylvania immigrants have also spread westward, but seem to have remained primarily in the northern states. Nonetheless, a few early Gables who were probably of Pennsylvania descent can be documented in Virginia and Tennessee. A family of Gables in the PeeDee region of South Carolina may also be descendants of the Pennsylvanians. A large group of Gables in Alabama (whose surname also sometimes appears as Gabel or Gabriel) is traceable to early North Carolina and may have arrived there from Pennsylvania as well.

    Descendants of John Gable

    In recent years descendants of John Gable (and, frequently, their spouses) have made great strides in identifying their relationship with the immigrant, and a broad genealogy is emerging. Nonetheless, some large gaps remain, which the exchange of information here may fill.

    At the same time, many of our discoveries are based upon Bible records and other data contained in private files that are not available to the public and may be lost for future generations. This Archive can serve as a vehicle for publishing those records and making them available to a wider audience of interested researchers now and in the future.


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