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There are two large Furr families in the United States.  The North Carolina Furrs (originally Furrer) and the Virginia Furrs.  They are not related.  The North Carolina Furrs immigrated from Switzerland in 1730/40.  The Virginia Furrs immigrated from England in 1655.  The North Carolina Furrs migrated to Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas.  The Virginia Furrs migrated to Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.  The second largest number of Furrs in the world lives in England.

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Table of Contents

BulletOrigin of the Furr Surname


BulletFurr Coat of Arms

BulletThe First Furrs--Virginia


Bullet Switzerland to American Colonies

BulletVirginia Furr Descendants


BulletNorth Carolina Furr Descendants

BulletAfrican-American Furrs


BulletOur Story--North Carolina

BulletNew York Furrs


BulletAncestors of Heinrich Furrer

BulletUnited Kingdom Furrs


Bullet Heinrich Furrer’s Lands

Bullet1901 United Kingdom Census


BulletNorth Carolina Furr Land Grants



BulletFurr Monument

BulletAustralian Furrs


BulletCanadian Furrs

BulletJewish Furrs


BulletItalian Furrs

BulletAmerican Indian Furrs


BulletFurrer to Furr

BulletEllis Island Furrs


BulletFuruhovde to Furr

BulletEarly Furr Immigrants


BulletThe Furrh Connection

BulletFurrer Immigration


BulletThe Fuhr Connection

BulletFurr Ship Passenger/Immigration


BulletThe Furrow Connection

BulletFurr US Census Records


BulletFurr Surname Researchers

BulletFurr Obituaries


BulletFurr Cemeteries

BulletRevolutionary War Furrs


BulletFurrs in the Black Hawk War

BulletWar of 1812 Furrs


BulletAbraham Lincoln & the Furrs

BulletUnion Civil War Furrs


BulletConfederate Civil War Furrs

BulletFurrs Who Died Philippine-American War


BulletFurrs Who Died in World War I

BulletFurrs Who Died in Korea


BulletFurrs Who Died in World War II

BulletFurrs Who Died In Vietnam


BulletWilliam Frazier Furr (1921-1945)

BulletWorld War I Draft Registrations


BulletWorld War II Army Enlistments

BulletFurr Prisoners of War


BulletDistinguished Service Cross

BulletNavy Cross


BulletSilver Star

BulletWorld War II Aerial Victory Credits


BulletBaseball and World War II

Bullet Furr’s Family Dining Cafeterias


BulletFurr’s Supermarkets

BulletFurr’s Cafeteria Recipes


BulletDr. Furr's Soda

BulletFurr Street Names


BulletSam Furr Road

BulletFurr Place Names


BulletFurr Schools

BulletFurr Family Photos


BulletCindy Noble's Furr Photos

BulletLiterary Furrs


BulletUnidentified Furr Pictures

BulletFurr Girl Scout Gold Award


BulletFurr Eagle Scouts

BulletFurr Artists


BulletFurr Flowers

BulletFurr Actors & Actresses


BulletFurr Poetry

BulletFurr Musicians


BulletPrince Furr and the Nehi Orchestra

BulletFurr Houses


BulletFurr Boats

BulletFurr Models


BulletFurr Patents

BulletFurr Body Builders


BulletFurr Professional Boxers





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