Guillaume FOUQUET (RIN: 85) was born abt. 1667. He married Jane EYRE abt. 1687 in , Henrico Co, VA. He died aft. 01 August 1698 in , Henrico Co, VA. Jane EYRE (RIN: 86), daughter of Joseph EYRE and Margaret HUMPHREYS , was born abt. 1671 in , Henrico Co, VA. She died bet. 1694 and 1741 in , Henrico Co, VA.

Children of Guillaume FOUQUET and Jane EYRE are:
1. William Humphreys FUQUA (RIN: 87), b. abt. 1688 See William Humphreys FUQUA & Elizabeth Sarah MCCLEUR
2. Joseph FUQUA (RIN: 88), b. abt. 1690 See Joseph FUQUA & Anna SAMPSON
3. Giles FEWQUA (RIN: 89), b. 1692 See Giles FEWQUA & Elizabeth
4. Ralph FUQUA (RIN: 90), b. 1694 See Ralph FUQUA & Priscilla OWEN
5. John (Not Proven) FUQUA (RIN: 795), b. abt. 1693
6. Jane (Not Proven) FUQUA (RIN: 796), b. 1696 See Francis POVALL & Jane (Not Proven) FUQUA
7. Mary F (Not Proven) FUQUA (RIN: 797)

Marriage/Union Events for Guillaume FOUQUET\Jane EYRE:

Notes for Guillaume FOUQUET:

(Research):Vol 2, p 335, Bk 8
Thomas Cook, Senr., 816 acres, Henrico Co, Verina Parish; p. 1, S. side Chickahaminy main SW; beg at land known as Oposum, in possession of Jno Baxter; crossing a br. of Oposom, to Mr Blands' corner, along Mr Richard Cock, & C Importation of 17 persons: Jane Borar, Robt Beasley, Jno Witt, Joane White, Alex ____, Patrick Foster, Robt Povey, Jno Edwards, GILL FUCKETT, Tho Mathews, Hen Baltamore, Fra Cleavely, Hugh Davis, Jno Herbert, Eliza Harrison, Negro Nell, Benetta Clame.

The record above refers to Thomas "Cocke"

This is believed to be our "Guillaume Fouquet". Although he was listed among 17 persons imported by Thomas Cocke, it was quite common for imports to be claimed for persons who were not actually imported, and this may have been such a case.

It should be noted that two years later, "Gill" purchased items from the estate of Frances Cleaverly, one of the persons on that import list. Robert Beasley and Robert Povey (Povall), who were also on the list, aslo made purchases. In addition, Ralph Hudspeth, "Gill's" brother-in-law, purchased items. Both "Gill" and Ralph collected money form the estate (owed to them by Francis Cleaverly). There were several combinations of persons, both on the list and not, who acted as sureties for one another's purchases. It seems obvious that those folks knew and trusted each other, they were not just some guys who took a boat ride together.

William Randolph was the coroner and county clerk who dealt with the estate of Frances Cleaverly.

Vol 3, page 1
Capt William Randolph, 2926 acres, Chas City Co in Wynoke Par; on Pigeon SW, on S side of James River, 25 Oct 1695, p 2 Imp of 59 persons, including GILL FUCKET.

Randolph's import claim in 1695 included on his list of importees the same 17 as had been claimed by Thomas Cocke, including Francis Cleaverly (who had been dead for several years, and whose estate settlement had been recorded by Randolph).

Sources for Guillaume FOUQUET:

  1. History of Grimes Co, TX, Page 305See source for Ephriam Fuqua, rin 3360
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  3. Genealogical Society, VA Gen Soc Quarterly, Series XXXV, Vol 1VGSQ Series XXXV Vol 1...Henrico County, Virginia Record Book No 2,1678-1693 [Orders & Wills] transcribed by Julia M. Case, published in Va.Genealogical Society Quarterly...Ms. Case notes the following: " Colonialmarriage records are difficult to find. Few exist outside the extant parishregisters. However, those researchers attempting to document a colonialmarriage in which one of the participants was a widow or due an inheritancecan often find a reference to the marriage and an approximate date in countyorder books; In the following transcripts from Henrico County Record Book No2, 1678-1693, ....... At August Court 1687 Gill Fuquett petitioned the courtfor the estate of the grand-daughter of William Humphrys given by Humphrys toFuquett and his wife before his death. Since Maurice Floyd petitioned thecourt for payment of the funeral expenses for William Humphry at the samecourt, we can place the marriage at some time prior to August 1687.p. 79...(p. 243) At August Court 1687...Upon ye petition of Gill Fuquett asmarrying ye Grand-daughter of Will'm Humphrys late dec'd, and ye deposicionsin Court taken for proof thereof, It is Ordered, That Four Cows, one featherbed & Coulster, & 2 pewter dishes given by ye Sd deced unto ye sd Fuquett &wife before his death be, & remain to ye sd Fuquett's proper use, & be nottheld nor deemed any part of ye sd decedents estate.p. 80...(p. 243)..Maurice Floyd to this Court petitioning for FunerallExpences & other trouble & charge in Sicknesse &c about Willm Humphrys lateDec'd & exhibitting an acc of ye same, wch being in Court Examin'd &Regulated he is allowed in full thereof eighteen hund'd pds of tobacco & Casqto be paid him out of ye Sd estate."[Ms. Case made this transcript from a microfilm copy of the 19thy centurstranscription of the original books. Footnotes indicate differences betweenthis version and the original volume. The comparison was made from anegative photostat of the original volume.]
  4. History of Carroll Co, TN, Page 173FUQUAThe Fuqua family came to America from France before 1600 and settled on the James River in VA. 1) Guillume Fouquet could trace his family to the Marquis de Fouquett of France. 2) His son Joseph m Ann Sampson and their son was Wm Fuqua who was the father of Stephen Fuqua born 1769 in Buckingham Co, VA and died 1843 in Logan Co, KY. He married first Susan Garrett and 2nd Nancy Aryers. It was his son, J Fuqu that came to Carroll Co and is the forefather of all the Fuquas in Carroll Co today. J Fuqua had a sister Mary who married Phillip Routon and they came to Henry Co TN about 1828.
  5. Probate Records, VA, Will of William HumphreysSee source for William Humphreys 3804
  6. Court Records, Orphans Court Book 1677-1739 of Henrico Co, VASee source for Joseph Eyre 3509

Notes for Jane EYRE:

Source: Fuqua A Fight For Freedom, pg 11 Family Group Sheet-William Fleming, pg 1 (Also says Jane was wed about 16 years old) FFF, Glenda Hayes 4000 SW 47th St #H-7, Gainesville FL 32608 (Pedigree Chart, won't copy) Ann Katharyn Quinn, Feb 1994 pg A, (Says Jane was born in 1664 in Charles City Co, VA and died in Henrico Co, VA) Carolyn Beyer, Feb 14 1994, pg 40,41 (Copy of will of William Humphreys names granddaughter, Jane Eyres)

See resource notes for Galba Fuqua, main 3405

Sources for Jane EYRE:

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Notes for John (Not Proven) FUQUA:


Sources for John (Not Proven) FUQUA:

  1. Fuqua-A Fight For Freedom, page 28Was this the number 5 child of Jane and Guillaume?
  2. William Fleming, Family SheetParents 1992William received this information from N.G. Barker, Box 163, Drury, MO 65638Is this true????
  3. Thomas Bunn, Family SheetBirth, Parents 1992Where did this come from????
  4. Glenda Hayes, Family SheetBirth of 1689 in VA, has name of John FouquetteWhere did this come from????

Notes for Mary F (Not Proven) FUQUA:

Mary (2), Guillaume (1)

Source: Fuqua-Fouquet Descendants, pg 28

This child has not been proven

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