Clippings in Verna's Scrapbook

Verna Karns was a daughter of Isom and Allie (Cannady) Dawson. Isom was a son of Martin H. and Mary (Baker) Dawson, the earliest Dawson ancestor we have been able to identify thus far. Verna married Elmer Karns, son of Alva and Salome (Mearkle) Karns. The recorded ancestry of both Alva and Salome is extensive.

One of the places Verna kept family records and memorabilia was in a large scrapbook measuring 22" x 16" sheets, in a slightly larger pair of heavy binders. The items saved were glued to both sides of the sheets, making it virtually impossible to separate them into smaller units for scanning. Her scrapbook was a brief and incomplete record of family activities. This Web site is not only a presentation of the items she saved, but also a tribute to Verna and her role in maintaining harmonious and engaged relationships among her families.

While the items are grouped by topics here, in the scrapbook there was little evidence of topical organization. On the contrary, time of acquisition and space for placing the item on a sheet seem to have been primary. Thus, one might find a birth announcement from the 1960s tucked in with a newspaper clipping of an obituary from the 1930s. Many of the newspaper items were from the Dodge City Globe and the Bucklin Banner, but very few had any identification of the newspaper other than indirect references in the content of the article.

You will note the Dawson and Karns family groupings, as well as a Karns-Dawson grouping. Verna and her sister Edith Dawson married, respectively, Elmer and Arthur Karns, brothers. Thus there are two families with especially close ties on both sides of the families. These two close families are included in the Karns-Dawson grouping. Also, much of the lives of the Dawsons and these Karns was spent in the vicinity of Ford, Kansas. A remarkable series of articles appeared in The High Plains Journal, published in Dodge City, Kansas, that appeared in three installments in July of 1954. Because Verna included them in her scrapbook, we have included them here. --Forrest and Jean (Karns) Ladd.

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