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Stillwell Book 2011

This book is an overview of the Stillwell families descended from Lt. Nicholas Stillwell through Daniel Stillwell and his son William Henry Stillwell. It is in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader on your computer, click below for a free copy:

The body of the book traces descendants of Lt. Nicholas Stillwell, but for the female ancestry we have included the ancestry of Phebe Ann Hiller, wife of William Henry Stillwell, and of Lucinda "Lou" Smith, wife of Harry Mote Stillwell. Finding individuals is facilitated by both the Index and the Acrobat search function. The bookmarks indicates the number of generations descended from Lt. Nicholas Stillwell, as well as front- and end-matter.

The Bookmarks in the Acrobat Reader and the Table of Contents will be useful in navigating through the book. It has been formatted for both the Web and print editions, so some pages which would appear on the left side in the printed book have been left blank here. Please note the two-page spread for the Dedication to Harry and Lou Stillwell, and four pages of pictures at the end.

In the interest of protecting privacy, this is a privatized version of our database, which includes names of living family members but not their birth or marriage dates. Family members who need this information are encouraged to contact us. We also have included a link to the latest edition of the Stillwell Photo Albums.

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Forrest and Jean Ladd
Yukon, Oklahoma
31 December 2011

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