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Fleming Lineage in Print


An expanding list of published material containing Fleming genealogy. Please advise if any of these titles need an accuracy caution.

Library of Congress

Abbott, Lyndon E. (1986). Genealogy of Lyndon Ewing Abbott (maternal line) : Laughlin, Ewing, Fleming, Brinkerhoff, Houghtelin, and other families. [Dayton, Ohio] (1956 Burbank Dr., Dayton 45406) : [L.E. Abbott]

Anderson, Bobby (Rev. 1991). The Fleming Family. Goodlettsville, Tenn

Belville, Thelma (c.1984). History and genealogy of the Frye and Wert families : their kith and kin, including Baileys, Stricklers, Frye, Fleming, Wert, Hefner, Moore, Spade, and sketches of the many others that united with our family / research by Pequetti Hunt Brewer ; compiled by Thelma Belville. [Coldwater, Mich.] : T. Belville.

Brand, Franklin Marion (1941) The William Fleming family (a genealogy) with a brief account of some other Flemings of Delaware. Charleston, W. Va., Mathews ptg. & litho. co.

Certia, Peter (1961). The Fleming Homestead of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen Co.

Cooper, Wade (1974). Early Fleming County Kentucky pioneers : historical facts. Flemingsburg, Ky. : Cooper

Davis, V.L.H. (c.1998). Tidewater Virginia families : generations beyond. Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Pub. Co.

Ferguson, Herman W. (1988). Descendants of James and Elizabeth Fleming Ferguson, Bedford County (now Marshall), Tennessee. Rocky Mount, N.C. (600 Chad Dr., Rocky Mount 27803) : H.W. Ferguson

Fleming, Bertha A. (1966). Genealogy of the Peter Fleming families of Warren County, Indiana. West Lafayette, Ind., American Duplicating Services.

Fleming, Thomas J. (c.1991).
In the shadow of the Water Tower : the life of Thomas J. Fleming. La Jolla, Calif. (5329 La Jolla Hermosa Ave., La Jolla) : T.J. Fleming

Fleming, William Allen (1948). A Fleming family with colonial ancestors in Virginia, Charleston, W.Va., Charleston Print Co.

Fleming, Wallis T, (c.1994). 75 years of the Fleming family in Arizona : a family history with information on the Fleming family and all related families in Kentucky, Tennessee, and beyond. 2v. Utica, Ky. (11129 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Utica 42376) : McDowell Publications

Hinshaw, A. J. (1999) Genealogy, 27 generations, 800 years Hinshaw's... Fleming's and ancestors. [Rockville, MD?]

Lawson, P. V. (1903). Family genealogy: Baird, Balri, Butler, Cook, childs, Clark, Cole, Crane, De Kruyft, Edwards, Finney, Fleming, Graves, Grandine, Haney, Hitcock, Kerwin, Lawson, Lowry, McAlpin, Peper, Richardson, Rittenhouse, Southwood, Stolp, Williams and Wright.
[Menasha, Wis., P. V. Lawson].

Lyons, Carl, Mrs. (1986). The Fleming Family. Greenville, KY : B.C. Doss

Kirk, Leslee Fleming (1984). Fleming family genealogy : descendants of Robert  and Mary Ann (Richmond) Fleming of Essex Co., Ontario. Merrillville, Ind.

McGlynn, Shirley (c.1994).
A family on the Shannon : the Flemings of Richmond Harbour, county Longford, Ireland. Lavender Bay, N.S.W., Australia :

Martin, B. O'B. (1978). The O'Barr family : Estes, Suit, Walters, Fleming, Baker. Powder Springs, GA

(1979) 1881 - 1979 Fleming pioneers recalled. Pungarehu, N.Z. : Fleming Family  Genealogical tree and notes re Fleming family / compiled by John Fleming ; and, Life-sketch of Captain John Fleming, R.N. / by Peter Watson

(1989). Portrait of an American family. [Virginia : s.n., 1989]. [Ansel Lafayette Fleming]

Roper, Julia F & Fleming, Joseph O. (2003). Abraham Fleming and his descendants. Franklin, NC : Genealogy Pub.

Rosnagle, L.E. (1983). John and Jane Fleming Hayner Genealogy : Utica, KY (Rte. 4, Box 314, Utica 42376) : McDowell Publications

Rugeley, Helen H. (1983). Brown, William, and Margaret (Peggy Fleming), descendants of : (especially no. 50, Col. Joseph Brown, 1772-1868, the principal source of our early genealogy). 3rd. ed., 2v. [Austin, Tex.] : H.H. Rugeley

Salyers, Genoa J. (c.1990). No rest for the wicked : a story of a farm family in Southwest Virginia. Clintwood, Va. : G.J. Salyers

Seaver, J Montgomery (1929). Fleming family records. Philadelphia, Pa.,         American historical-genealogical society.

Tuttle, Gertrude Fleming (c.1994). The Flemings of Bransford. Mount Pleasant, S.C. (1498 Indian St., Mount Pleasant 29464) : F.M. Robinson ; Bethpage, TN (6635 Old 31E, Bethpage 37022)

Vogt, N. M. N. (c.1994). My mother's Louisiana family : Carver, Clark, Duke, Fleming, Holt, Jourdan, Martin, Miles, Pierce, Winn. [S.l.] : N.M.N. Vogt.

Higginson Book Company.

Brand, Franklin M. (1941). William Fleming Family, a genealogy with a
brief account of some other Flemings of Delaware.
652p. $US98.00

Lawson, P.V. (1903). Fleming Family & Allied Lines: Baird, Blair, Butler,
Cook, Childs, Clark, Cole, Crane et al.
304p. $US46.50

Seaver, J.M. (1929). Fleming Family Records. 40p.$US8.00

Teetor, H. (n.d.). History of the Fleming Family. 9p. $US4.00


Baird, Andew (1924). The annals of a Tweeddale parish: the history of the United Parish of Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho (civil and ecclesiastical). Glasgow : J. Smith & Son.
         -- Contains histories of the Geddes, Tweedie, Fleming and Dickson families

Biddle, Margaret Seton (1947). Hibernia "The Unreturning Tide." [On the history of the Fleming family with plates, including portraits.] New York: privately printed.

Birdsall, George A (1969). Historical and genealogical memoir of the family of Fleming of Slane in the County Palatine of Meath : Ireland. Compiled from public records and other legal evidences, with a view to shew the origin and nature of the antient Palatine title of Baron which existed in that family : also the origin and descent of the several peerages, by writ of summons, directed to members of the family, which successively went into abeyance among female coparceners / by Sir W. Betham 1829 ; revised and extended by George A. Birdsall. Annandale, Va. : George A. Birdsall

Black, George F. (1966). The Surnames of Scotland : their meaning and history.
268 p. ISBN 1 874744 83 1 . Out of Print
"Quite a good summary of Fleming references through the centuries."

Fant, Eric Michael [1797]. Observationes historicę in illustrem Flemingorum gentem. Upsalię : apud Joh. Fred. Edman

Fleming, John Arnold. (1930). Flemish Influence in Britain. 2v Glasgow: Jackson, Wylie.
(Also available: Australian National Library)

Fleming, Lionel T (1973?). Fleming and Reeves of County Cork. [Dublin]: Lionel T Fleming.

Galbraith, Ann (2006). The Fleming family of Rydal Hall: a study of the genealogy in its historical & social context. [Great Britain]: Shoes With Rockets. 90p; includes many illustrations; colour maps, portraits and tree explaining this continuous Fleming line from the Norman Conquest to the present. Available at the author's website http://www.le-fleming.com/the_book.asp

Grant, Francis J. (ed.)(1910). Charter Chest of the Earldom of Wigtown, 1214-1681. Edinburgh: Scottish Record Society

Hudleston, C. Roy (1964). The Fleming family: the first and third baronets of Rydal. Publisher not stated.

Hughes, Edward (ed.) (1962). Fleming-Senhouse Papers. Carlisle : Cumberland Record Series

Hunter, William (1867). Biggar and the House of Fleming: an account of the Biggar district, archaeological, historical, and biographical. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: William Patterson

Kapas, Margery A (1987). Weavers woven into a Scottish family history : Fleming, Hamilton, Thomson, etc / researched by a descendant Margery (Clark) Kapas. Rev. ed. Surrey, B.C.: Margery Kapas.

The manuscripts of S. H. Le Fleming, Esq., of Rydal Hall / [by] Great Britain. Historical Manuscripts Commission , et al. 1890

Magrath, John Richard (ed.) (1924). The Flemings in Oxford : being documents selected from the Rydal papers in illustration of the lives and ways of Oxford men 1650-1700. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

The memoirs of Sir Daniel Fleming / transcribed by R.E. Porter and edited by W.G. Collingwood,  Kendal: T. Wilson & son, 1928

Pedigree of the family of Fleming; shewing the descent of the titles heretofore created in that family, ... and also the relative situations of the junior branches left in remainder to the estates by the settlements of the will of Christopher Lord Slane, 1625, and ... of William Lord Slane in 1638. [By G. Bryan?] [London], [1829].

Reid, R.C. (1960). Wigtownshire Charters. Edinburgh: Scottish History Society.

University of Dundee Archive Services

Tod, Donald (1927). The Flemings of Athol and Glen Shee,
Typescript in the George Duncan Paterson Collection MS 19.

Fleming, Neil D. (2006). Clydesdale Immigrants - Part One. 2nd ed. Christchurch, NZ.
Available from the author: more information.


Uhrbrock, Richard (1974). Flemings in the USA - Flemings of Fleming, Ohio.


Guttenberg Project
Mary Agnes Fleming (1840 - 1880), Canadian - four Victorian romances digitized and available online: "The Baronet's Bride", "The Midnight Queen", "A Terrible Secret" and "The Unseen Bridgegroom Or Wedded For A Week"


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