Contacting Other Flemings

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Contacting Others


A new site just for UK & Ireland research featuring county, surname and general information boards.



A quick-find tool drawing together Fleming queries and research interests from across the World Wide Web. Remove the guess work choosing search-terms on other sites. The Directory will include all variants of Fleming  when completed. 

Some external links will have defunct email addresses. Even without an updated email address, the entry is still a record that out there, just beyond your reach, you may have family. 

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Message boards for surname, location and topics. Message placed on the Fleming board are now gatewayed to Fleming-L.


$ Centres on the 1881 UK census. Free to link your family to census entries and search for matches but a you  need to subscribe to make contact. 


A global mailing list or listserv sponsored by Rootsweb and received as email. Search FLEMING-L archives enter and key "Fleming" at the prompt. This search engine searches all mailing list archives on the Rootsweb server. The big advantage of mailing lists is that the queries come to you, rather than you having to go and find them.

It's easy to start receiving everybody's emails/postings to this list -- just click on 'new message' in your mail program (not your browser). When the "mail-to" window appears, enter "". Then write just the single word subscribe in the body of the message. Click <send>.

If you want to unsubscribe from the list, it's the same but write just the single word unsubscribe in the body of the message.

Once mail starts to arrive it's then your choice as to whether you simply enjoy others' postings (known as lurking and often a good idea when you first join a busy list ) or send  a query/message to everyone else. To do this enter in the 'To' box of your mail program.

Every mailing list really has two addresses: the list name, where your postings should be sent, and the list name followed by -request, where commands to the Listserver software on the host computer should be sent. For example, general postings to other subscribers of FLEMING-L should go to while "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" requests should go to


The village by village contact site for anybody researching history, genealogy and local history in the UK and Ireland.

$$ Subscription based service to search deposited online UK family trees for possible connections and contacts.


Global  surname message boards but with strong US/Scottish content.