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Fleming family history resources and one-name study

This study and website seeks references to all  variants of  Fleming.

Current focus is adding parents and spouses to  BDM Indexes and identify those with English, Irish or Scot heritage.



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Fleming and Churchill

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Incl.  Eng & Wales BDM 1837 - 1911 with spouse/mother's maiden name etc; Probate Index 1858 - 1930; Scotland civil registration.

Links to reference and selected databases from the 'hidden web' containing Fleming entries.

Fleming in Print
Expanding bibliography of printed material with Fleming historical or genealogical content.

Fleming Online
Links to lineage sites with more than a passing reference to Fleming or its variants.

Contacting Others
A directory of  Fleming research on the WWW and links to five major contact arenas for Fleming.



Search full transcript of Fleming entries 1841 census.  Currently Kent, Surrey and Sussex completed. Place of birth isn't returning correctly at present.

Index to Births, Deaths & Marriages for Fleming & variants:

England & Wales
1837 - 19
30 updated

Scotland  1855 - 1900 

Index to English civil probate for Fleming & variants 1856 - 1930  
Index to Medway Ancestors : marriages 1837 - 1911
    - All surnames   Updated 17 Mar 09
Research Directory
   - Shortcut to research links

FLEMING DNA PROJECT                     

The Fleming yDNA project is for all spellings and variants of Fleming and is run through DNA Ancestry.

"Even though most Fleming Surname history goes back to Flanders and were known to be of Flemish origins - not all Flemish people had the surname of FLEMING in UK.   It seems that we have about 12 distinct paternal lines forming from our 60 participants. We look forward to more willing participants. "

Go to http://www.dna.ancestry.com/ Register or sign in to AncestryDNA (free), and 'request membership' to learn more.

Also see how yDNA testing can help your research, read Jim's Fleming DNA analysis and research with Bill on his website.


These four generations of Fleming men share the same yDNA and belong to one of the 12 distinct lines found so far.

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Early Fleming History.

As an overview, I've chosen to reference the profile from the first issue of 'Your Family Tree'. more...


For an understanding of the Flemish settlement of Scotland - these by Annette Hardie - Stoffelen:
"The Flemish Influence in Scotland" and
"The rise of Flemish families in Scotland"


A summary of the Barony of Biggar line:


For  a brief Irish background:
Irish Ancestors.


 Comments or suggestions on these or other possible  links are always welcome.