Fifields at island locations


Barbados: It appears that the Fifields in Barbados were related to Giles Fifield,;one of the early immigrants to the U.S. Abraham Fifield left a will there in 1701 clearly tying him in to the family of Giles. The will was written prior to a planned trip to the state of Pennsylvania, and talked of land that he had purchased there in Kent county and in the vicinity of Philadelphia. Perhaps some early Fifields who have been noted in Pennsylvania were his descendants. So far, research has not turned up any early Pennsylvania Fifield land documents.

Early Barbados records show that the Barbados Fifields were slaveowners. Perhaps associated with these families there is a 1741 birth record in Hampton Falls, NH, USA for Rachel Fiffield, daughter of Jupiter D. Fiffield, negro. Since Giles Fifield was in that area at one time, perhaps this record is associated with his family.

Bermuda: A Henry Fifield was Provost Marshal General of Bermuda in the late 1600's. The records indicate that his mother Elizabeth lived in London, England, and that he had brothers Edward and John and daughter Elizabeth.