Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River NAMED for

Long Live  Porterdale!!!

Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner




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Date Porterdale Mill Osprey Mill Welaunee Mill Remarks
Veal, Mellie          
Vining, Elijah 1850 - 1887 Superintendent      
Vining, Henry Bentley   Jr.(Pete)  1940's - 1950's        
Vining, Henry Bentley Sr. (Big Henry) 1917 Machinist      
Vining, James          
Vining, Viola          
Walden, Renee Lipscomb          
Wheeler, Inez Burch          
Wheeler, Myrtice          
Wheeler, Neal          
Wheeler, Otha          
Whitfield, Henry H. 1934 - 1972 Electrician Electrician   Worked at hydro-electric plant. (when the old swimming pool was there, one of his duties  was to test the water to ensure it was safe for swimming.)
Whitfield, Lois Burch 1930 - 1970 Paymaster Office     She and "Major", her Boston bulldog, disbursed pay envelopes each week (they paid in cash); operated the "Dope Stand" in Porterdale  Mill; managed the Welaunee Inn - about 1953-about 1962; secretary - Osprey Mill until her death in 1970.
Wise, Frank          
Wise, Searcy          
Womack, Barrett          
Womack, Elsie          
Womack, James Willie     Osprey Mill    
Womack, Mary          
Woodruff, Frank    Supervisor Clothroom      
Woodruff, W. A.         General Superintendent, died in 1943
Yancey, Amy          
Yancey, Bryant          
Yancey, Doug   ?      
Yancey, Iola          
Yancey, Myrtice   ?      
Yancey, Sid          
Yancey, Webb          

 My grandfather- W.A. Woodruff was general superintendent of The Bibb for a number of years and I think he would have been honored to be included with these employee's.He died in 1943, but my father - James spoke often about growing up in Porderdale and the Bibb