Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River NAMED for

Long Live  Porterdale!!!

Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner




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Date Porterdale Mill Osprey Mill Welaunee Mill Remarks
Kerbow, Gladys 1940's Spinning - Winder      
Kerbow, Herman 1940's Overseer     Carding
Kimble, Oran      Over hauler - Oilier   41 years Service
King, Betty (Beam)        Winder  
King, J. W.          
King, Larry   ? ? ?  
King, Lizzie          
King, Lyman          
King, Morris Kenneth        Overseer 37 years 
King, Ruth          
Kinzy, Lester 1900's - 1920's       14 yrs old, Spinner
Kinzy, Nannie K. 1900's - 1920's        
Kircus, Johnnie (Kitchen)          
Kircus, Miles "Tobe" 1900's - 1920's       Forman
Kircus, Ruby   Winder Tender      
Kitchens, Carl          
Kitchens, Della          
Kitchens, Gerald          
Kitchens, Gladys          
Kitchens, J. M.          
Kitchens, Johnnie   Winder      
Kitchens, Johnny   ?      
Kitchens, Polly Cagle   ?      
Kite, Eddie          
Kite, Pauline (Head)   Spinner      
Knight, Anderson Sr.          
Knight, Annie          
Knight, Katherine Pickett   Weave Room      
Lane, Clara          
Lane, Montine 1930's-1940's      ? Started work at age 14 
Lane, R. A. 1930's-1940's  ?      
Laster, James          
Laster, Louise    Clothroom      
Laster, Tom    Supervisor      
Layson, Red    Electrician  Electrician  Electrician  
Lester, Jonas   ?      
Lester, Mamie   ?      
Lindsey, Ida Faye 1940's-1950's        
Lindsey, Johnny L.          
Lindsey, Modine          
Lipscomb, Gladys          
Lipscomb, Judy          
Lipscomb, Robert          
Long, Homer          
Long, Mat          
Loyd J. W.   Shipping      
Loyd, B. G.   Supervisor     43 years with Bibb
Loyd, Earnest          
Loyd, J. B.          
Loyd, Richard          
Lummus Helen          
Malloy, C. B.          
Malloy, Mildred          
Mann, Ethel          
Mask, J. T.          
Mason, Lucllie   ?      
Mayfield, Howard 1930's        
Mayfield, Ila Mae 1930's        
McCart, Maude 1930's-1940's        
McCart, Tim 1930's1940's        
McClure, Jerry     Cloth Room   1995 - 1972
McClure, Joe          Joe worked for the Bibb in late fifties
McClure, J. C.          
McClure, Sara          
Middlebrooks, Albert          
Mills, Jim          
Mills, Ray          
Millwood, Lois          
Millwood, Robert          
Moody, Albert          
Moon, Leaman     Weave Shop     
MOONEY, Edward Z.         By: Evelyn J. MOONEY
MOONEY, Carrie & Callie twin sisters there when they were 11 years old       By: Evelyn J. MOONEY
Morgan, Jack          
Morrow, Amos   ?      
Morrow, Joe          
Morrow, Ruby          
Moss, Ellen 1940's?       I am Sandra Moss Patrick. My mother, Ellen Moss, worked in this mill for years.
Moss, Ruth 1942 - 1947    ?    
Moss, William E. 1941 - 1983    Over hauler    
Myers, Alma   Winder Room       
Nail, Jim          
Nail, Vivian          
Norton, Billy Wayne          
Norwood, Virgil  1923 ~ 1969  Machine Shop  Started here in 1923 Retired here in 1969   
O'Kelly, J. W.  1930's-1940's        
Ollis, Desma 1930 Spinner      
Ollis, Herschel 1930-1933 Twister      
Ollis, Sarah Ruth 1930-1933 Wrapper      
Owens, Callie          
Owens, Ernest 1930 Spinner