Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River NAMED for

Long Live  Porterdale!!!

Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner




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Date Porterdale Mill Osprey Mill Welaunee Mill Remarks
Adams, Agnes          
Adams, Carol         Worked at an early age.
Adams, Ellis         Overseer
Adams, James          
Alexander, Addie Lou 1960 - 1981   Weave Room    
Alexander, Ira     ?    
Allen, Estelle          
Allen, Herman          
Allen, Linzy   ?      
Allen, Onice       ?  
Allen, Otis          
Allgood, Betty          
Anglin, Clyde 1930's-1940's        
Anglin, Gip 1930's-1940's        
Austin, Ida Lou          
Austin, John H.          
Baird Eula (Dick) 1920's - 1940's   Cord Weave Shop    
Baird, Benjamin Wilson 1920's - 1940's        
Baird, Jackson Irvin (Jack) 1940's        
Baird, John Thomas (Tom) 1940's        
Baird, Ruth (Shaw) 1940's   Cord Weave Shop    
Barnes, Aubrey          
Barnes, Sara          
Bates, Claire  1934 - 1984 ?      
Bates, Elise          
Baxter, Rosey         10 years old mill
Beam, Effie    ?      
Beam, Magus Grady Jr.          
Beam, Magus Grady Sr.          
Beam, Oscar     Osprey Mill   30 yrs. spinning room
Beam, Sadie          
Berry Lennie         Work in Weave Room
Berry, Bobby          
Berry, Bud          
Berry, Emma Mae (Kirkus)          
Berry, Rosser H .          
Berry, John          
Berry, Ronnie          
Bonner, Estelle   ?   ?  
Bonner, Frank    ?    
Bonner, Jimmy   ? ?    
Bonner, Martha (Mot)          
Bonner, Rufus          
Boozer, Nancy       Welaunee Mill  
Boozer, John       Welaunee Mill  
Bowden, Grady, Sr.          
Bowden, Lillian          
Bowen, Nannie         By: Freda Holloway
Bowen, Mary (Smith)         Retired in 1968
Bowden, Tom (Tommy) 1963 until I joined the Coast Guard in 1968   Spinning & Cloth room   I worked in the Spinning Room and Cloth Room.
Bradford, C. Herman    Machine Shop  Machine Shop    
Bradford, Howard          
Bradford, Jerry E.      Weave Shop    
Bradford, John P.  1930's - 1950's  Opening & Picker Room      
Bradford, Nellie Kate Lindsey  1940's - 1970's Twine Room       
Bradford, Ricky L.    Cared Room  Over hauler    
Bradford, William Jr.          
Brand, Imogene   Winder Room      
Brooks, (Mills), Matilda   ?      
Brooks, Buck   ?      
Brooks, James          
Brooks, Ruth          
Buckalew, (Sowell), Ines (Pete)  1930-1970/71 Timekeeper      
Buckalew, Millard   ?      
Burch, Allie C. "Tut"   ?     Also, operated the "dope stand" there for a number of  years.
Burch, Joe      ?    
Burch, Penn          
Cannon, Gene 1940's        
Cantrell, J. O. 1930's        
Please add my father Canup, Ernest L. 1923 - ?      
He retired in 1964 or 1965 
Franklin Canup
Canup, Leon G. Sr.     Osprey Mill   By: Kim Stapp
Canup, Violet J.         By: Kim Stapp
Canup, Cathy         By: Kim Stapp
Carter, Edward E.      Osprey Mill   cloth room / new weave shop
Carter, Gladys     Osprey Mill   3 yrs service
Carter, Grady W.     Osprey Mill   20 yrs service. quill stripper big weave shop
Carter, Larry K.     Osprey Mill   7 yrs quill stripper new weave shop
David Capell
Danny Capell
1964   I worked at the Osprey Mill in 1964 in the weave room as did my brother ,please include us on your list. Thank you David    
Capes, Pete          
Capes, Ralph          
Cason, M. J. (Major)          
Cason, Peggy          
Cason, R. J. (Bud)         Worked at an early age.
Cawthon, Lillian Speer     ?   35 plus yrs, Wife of Ward Cawthon
Cawthon, Ward         Worked 40 years
Chapman, Corine  1930's-1940's        
Chapman, Edgar  1930's-1940's        
Chapman, Glenn 1930's-1940's        
Chapman, Grace  1930's-1940's        
Chapman, Lucille 1930's-1940's        
Chapman, Mattie  1940's        
Chapman, Otis  1930's-1940's        
Cherry, Helen     ?    
Cherry, Pete     ?    
Childs, Arthur H. (Snooks)     Supply Room, Osprey Mill    
Childs, Mary Lou (Berry)     Winder Room, Osprey and Porterdale Mills    
Childs, Charles (Charlie) R.          
Childs, Jack L.          
Childs, Hollis      Weave Shop - Supervisor    
Clark, Darrell          
Coady, Lorrine          
Coker, Mildred M         Worked 20 years
Cook, Dewey     Twister Room Machine shop   Worked in Twister room as a kid. Went WWII, then from 1946 - 1954 work in the Machine Shop.
Cook, Jim          
Cowan, Ruth          
Crowell, Homer Guy Sr 1929 Machine Shop      
Culbertson, Jamie          
Curtis, Gerald          
Curtis, Paul          
Curtis, Ruth          
Daniel, Frank          
Daniel, Theresa     ?    
Daniels, Will         Mr. Daniels served during WW2, in the pacific, in the Marine corps. He worked in the cotton mill on the first shift.  he and his wife ran a little restaurant, and he was famous for his Brunswick stew, everyone in Porterdale would buy his stew.
Davis, Pauline    ?      
Day, Annie Lee          
Day, Carl          
Day, Frank   Electrician     Known as Uncle Frank
Day, John          
Day, John "Johnny" 1950's   Spooler Room   Maintenance helper
Day, Oliver   ?     Overseer
Denny, Annie Lee  50 years        
Denny, Herbert          
Dick, Carl          
Dick, Franklin          
Digby, Ida Mae     ?   Worked 45 years
Dodd, Bernice          
Dodd, Bige          
Dodd, Buddy          
Dodd, Clyde          
Dodd, George          
Dood, Lillie Mae          
Dodd, Jerry          
Doster, J. B.          
Duckett, Jerry      Weave Shop    
Duckett, Wayne      Weave Shop    
Dyer, Henry  1940's-1950's        
Edwards, J. W.   ?      
Edwards, Mary   ?      
Edwards, Samuel Howard          
Edwards, Thelma (Edge)          
Edwards, Thomas          
Elkins, Carl          
Elkins, Charlie          
Elkins, Hubert          
Elkins, J. T.          
Elkins, Lucille          
Elkins, Mogene          
Elkins, Ruth