Long Live Porterdale!!!


Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner





Porterdale's Roll


These Paid
Ultimate Price


As a very young lad when I walked the Streets of Porterdale, in the 1940's I would see Star Flags hanging in the windows of Porterdale Families. The Blue Stars  meant that the family had a member in the military services. The Gold Star meant that their serving member had paid the ultimate price. The number of stars indicated the number of individuals from that family.



Adams, Carroll

Killed in France July 27, 1944
Berry, Charles   Killed in France July 28, 1944
Chapman, (?) B. C. Chapman, the postmaster, had a daughter who was a ferry pilot.  She was one of the few women killed doing ferry flying. 
Coafer I, remember my dad telling the story of Mr. Coafer, hitching up his old buggy and horse and road from Porterdale all the way out to the Livingston Community down to the Stewarts and Rocky Plains to the Wheelers and back up the old Jackson Highway, telling everyone that his son was killed at Iwo Jima, crying all the way. Ralph Hodges
Cole, Quinton "Red" Killed in Italy March 9, 1944
Cook, James Homer Killed in Airplane South Pacific on March 17, 1944. Homer was an airplane pilot and was the son of an Overseer in the Osprey Mill. His Dad was Jim Cook.
Porter, William (Billy)   Killed 1940's
Rye, J. W.   Killed in Africa Jan. 21, 1943