Early Generations of Pittsburgh Yerkins Family

Early Generations of the
Yerkins Family
of Pittsburgh

Anthony/Andrew 1 Yerkins (probably originally Jerkins, deriving from Juergins) was born in about 1763, according to family records, at Cologne, Germany, which fits with the place of birth given on his naturalization, "Kerlin on the River Rhyne," from the german Cöln. His oldest child, Elizabeth was born in Lancaster, Pa. in 1817, placing his immigration before that year. We also know that he sailed from Amsterdam, and he is said to have first settled in the Reading, Pa. area. His wife Nancy is said to have been a native of Baltimore, but some traditions instead derive her from Switzerland. While less than certain, he may be the Anthony Yerkins of Baltimore in 1820, but if so, the account of his children is confused in the enumeration.

By 1826, Anthony Yerkins was in Pittsburgh, appearing in the Directory of that year as a ferryman in Allegheny City. He had declared his intent to become a citizen on 18 Oct. 1823, and on 9 Oct. 1826, was living in Ross Twp., and called himself a cabinetmaker. He was naturalized on 13 Oct. 1826, signing by mark, (his surname being misrecorded as Innerkins), sponsored by Fidele Bower. Just days later, he served as sponsor for Christian Wise of Indiana Twp.

A carpenter by training, Anthony also ran a ferry from Allegheny City to Pittsburgh, landing near Ninth St. This was abandoned in about 1830. He also would run a farm market. In 1830, he was in Allegheny City, where he was still living in 1840. By 1850, when he was 87, he and wife Nancy had moved to Shaler Twp., where they were living with son-in-law John Nicholas Farmerie. He is said to have died in 1864, aged 101 years, 3 months, but he has not been found in the 1860 census, suggesting is death may have come earlier.

His wife Nancy Springer was born in 1773, in Switzerland according to one family tradition, and Baltimore according to another, while the 1850 census says Germany. She is said to have died in 1872, aged 99 years.

 Children of Anthony and Nancy (Springer) Yerkins:

i.Elizabeth 2, b. 3 Mar. 1817, Lancaster, Pa. m. George Farmerie.

ii.Pheronica 2, b. 1819. m. John Nicholas Farmerie.

iii.Nancy 2, b. 22 Feb. 1824. m. Nicholas Farmerie.

iv.Andrew 2, b. 1826.

Andrew 2 (Anthony/Andrew 1) Yerkins, b. 1826, Allegheny City, he was trained by his father as a cabinet maker, and also worked as a cooper. He later worked as superintendent of a rolling mill, finally retiring to a small farm. near Sharpsburg. He became a Baptist, serving as deacon, and politically was a Republican. He married as his first wife Caroline Clark, b. ca. 1829, daughter of Sarah (Snyder) Clark. She died in Apr. 1852, shortly following the birth of a daughter, and two years later Andrew remarried to Hester Basset, daughter of Arunah Basset of Westmoreland Co. Andrew died in 1885.

 Children of Anthony 2 and Caroline (Clark) Yerkins:

i.Andrew 3, b. 24 Nov. 1848, Sharpsburg.

ii.Stephen 3, b. May 1850.

iii.Mary E. 3, b. Mar. 1852. m. John A. Weichel.

 Children of Anthony 3 and Hester (Basset) Yerkins:

iv.Sarah 3, b. ca. 1855, d. bef. 1870.

v.Henry 3, b. ca. 1856.

vi.Arthur 3, b. ca. 1859, d. aged 22, ca. 1871, unm.

vii.Carrie 3, b. ca. 1862, m. William J. Dickey.

viii.Lydia 3, b. ca. 1868, d. aged 22, ca. 1890, unm.

Andrew 3 (Andrew 2,Anthony/Andrew 1) Yerkins, b. 24 Nov. 1848, Sharpsburg, and lived there his entire life, learning the cooper's trade from his father, pursuing that occupation until 1876, when moved into lumber, coal and feed, real eatate, and fire insurance. In 1897, he served a term as Justice of the Peace, and also was a councilman, school director, and assessor. He was a mason and Republican.

He married first to Sarah A. Terrell, b. ca. 1849, daughter of John and Jane (Saint) Terrell, who died in 1900. In 1905, Andrew remarried to Mrs. E. M. Seaman of Reading, Pa., but died two years later, 14 Jul. 1907.

 Children of Anthony 3 and Sarah A. (Terrell) Yerkins:

i.Charles W. 4, b. 1870.

ii.Myrtle 4, b. 1872, d. ca. 1890, aged 18.

iii.Walter 4, b. 1876.

iv.Henry (Harry) J. 4, b. 1878.

v.William N. 4, b. 1883.

Stephen 3 (Andrew 2,Anthony/Andrew 1) Yerkins, b. May 1850, he was a cooper, and lived in Sharpsburg. He married about 1872 to Martha (Mattie) Tyler, b. ca. 1850.

 Children of Stephen 3 and Martha (Tyler) Yerkins:

i.Hettie 4, b. ca. 1873.

ii.George 4, b. ca. 1874.

iii.Jannie 4, b. ca. 1877, app. d.y.

iv.Clarence 4, b. 1879, app. d.y.

v.Henry 4.

vi.Leon 4.

vii.Irene 4.