New Users Guide

New Users Guide

If you are a newcomer to this EV/EB website, to Eversole/Ebersole family history research, or to genealogy in general, the following suggestions may prove useful.

For most people, their first step should be to try to find a connection to one of the branches in our "public" database. The fastest way to do this is to go to the "worldconnect" link shown below. Enter the name of an ancestor born before 1900. An alphabetical list of names that would include the spelling you use will appear. (If you don't see one that closely matches, try an alternative spelling. If the person you are seeking is living their name will not appear, try an ancestor.) Clicking on an individual's name will display the BMD data in the database. You can then use the "DESCENDENCY", "PEDIGREE", "REGISTER" and "AHENTAFEL" links to check on the individual's other close family members.

(Note that only the current "Best Choice" relationships are shown in the WorldConnect "edeversole" database. Our "private" E162 Database contains ALL the information, we have available, on every individual, much of which is conflicting or non-documented.)

If you would like to try this now, print out this page for reference and then click on the link below. It will transfer you to our "edeversole" database in the World Connect Project.

After you have studied the data in the public "edeversole" database, record the ID#s of the ancestors of interest and contact the E162 Project Administrator. We will tell you what kind of other data we possess about your line and where it came from. (Note: We do not release information about living persons without their specific written permission.)

Be sure to record ID#s of the individuals in which you are interested. Since the E162 Database contains data on thousands of people with our surname, in all of their numerous spellings, the number of individuals with the same given and surname spelling is quite large.

If the data you have found interests you, let me repeat the often stated, but too often ignored, caveat about genealogical data found on the Internet. Web sites can be good places to find CLUES to where you may find out information about your family history. They are almost NEVER, proof of anything ( except, maybe, the dedication of the people putting together the website.) That said, let's look at what you can use to learn more about your families.


The E162 Project's contribution is a comprehensive but highly specialized one. The E162 Project Database and the data extracted from it, that is shown in the RootsWeb WorldConnect database, contain information on 6000+ people with EV/EB surnames and their spouses. In addition these databases also contain data on over 2000+ relatives of Ed & Jack Eversole and their wives Meyer and Seeger relatives. Thus these entries at, represent one of the best places for EV/EB family historians to start searching for information on their families. Further information about the E162 Project can be found on its web site, "Eversole-Ebersole Research" at

The RootsWeb World Connect Project, at , on which we list the names from our E162 Database is clearly the recommended starting point for ANY family historian, not just for those interested in EV/EB families. As a proud RootsWeb Sponsor, we are obviously biased but we recommend that everyone should thoroughly check out the RootsWeb facilities before spending too much time anywhere else. We are sure you will thank us for this advice.

The second Internet resource to check out is "Cyndis List" (also hosted by RootsWeb) at This is not because of its EV/EB coverage, but for its almost unbelievably broad coverage of "EVERYTHING" connected with Genealogy.

I believe the oldest (earliest) of the individal web sites with major EV/EB coverage is Don Chesnut's "Chesnut's Genealogical Home Page"at . His "Our Ancestors" data base contains the names of about 1600 EV/EB individuals plus the names of over 60,000 other people related to these EV/EB families, making it the largest known database of EV/EB related people. These names are to be found at the WorldConnect Project at

Obviously the LDS web site at is now the largest collection of family history data ever to be put on the Net. With the entire IGI and the enormous number of family histories submitted over the years this site will continue to be of use to most family historians.

Many of the commercial genealogy oriented companies have discovered the publicity value of hosting a collection of GEDCOM's submitted to them. If the caveat above is observed you may find some clues in any of them.

I find Eastman's Newsletter to be extremely useful in keeping current on the happenings in both the commercial and non-commercial genealogical worlds. (Subscribe at


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