Richard Rounsevall of Hampshire Co, VA, Adams Co, OH, and points west

Richard Rounsevall chronology

Pre 1791. Richard is not on Hampshire Co or Loudoun Co, VA[1] or Hardy Co, VA tax lists.[2] And there is no record of Richard in NJ tax lists.[3]

1791. Nathan Rounsavall, probable son of Richard, was born in New Jersey.[4]

1793. Richard bought land from Ezekiel Rogers[5] in Hampshire Co, VA as follows: Dec 11, 1793 from Ezekiel Rodgers and Mary, his wife, of Hampshire Co, to Richard Rounsofer of Hampshire Co, for 10 £, part of a tract of land in Hampshire County where the said Richard Rounsofer now lives [because related to Ezekiel?], it being part of a tract of land for which Ezekiel Rogers obtained a deed from the Land Office at Richmond on Oct 8, 1788, and bounded by Two Lick Run on said Rodgers' line, the land of an old survey, containing 10 acres. Signed - Ezekiel Rogers, Mary Rogers. No witnesses. [Hampshire Co Deed Book Vol 9 p. 303].

1793. Hampshire Co tax list[6]. Richard Rounsefer: 1 white male age 16 or older. No slaves or horses. This is the only Richard Rounsiville (Rouncevel, etc) on the 1793 Hampshire Co tax list.

1794. Hampshire Co tax list[7].Richard Rounseval: 1 white male 16 or older. No slaves or horses. On the same small tax list (i.e., taken on the same day and therefore indicative of being a small neighborhood within the larger tax list), are the following names of interest: Joseph Curtis, Elizabeth Oller [later Sebring], Elisha, George, & Isaac Pownell, John and Thomas Rogers, James Slack. This is the only Richard Rounsiville (Rouncevel, etc) on the 1794 Hampshire Co tax list.

1794. Richard bought land from Nathaniel Foster, John Sebring, John Rogers in Hampshire Co, VA as follows: Sep 10, 1794 from John Rogers, John Sebring, and Nathaniel Foster, by his attorney, of Hampshire County, to Richard Rounsovell of Hampshire County, for 50 £ to Rogers & Sebring in hand paid, Rogers, Sebring, & Foster & Elizabeth, his wife, have granted to Richard, a tract of land in Hampshire County, adjoining the land of Dunkum, on the waters of Fourmans Run, as by a survey made by John Michel C.. Sr on Feb 17, 1791, and bounded by the line of Whortons land, the line of Benjamin Fourman, William Dunkum, Ezekiel Rogers, containing 91 acres. Signed - John Rogers, John Sebring, Nathaniel Foster, Elizabeth Foster. Witnesses - Jacob Doman, Jacob Starn. Acknowledged by Rogers & Sebring & also acknowledged by Rogers as attorney in fact for Foster & wife. [Hampshire Co Deeds Vol 9 p. 515]. [Note that this land had been sold to John Rogers by Ezekiel and Mary Rogers on June 11, 1794 for 25 £, and described as 91 acres on Stuards Run, a branch of little Cacaphon, & bounded by John Pancake, Joseph Moor; signed by Ezekiel and Mary signed with an x; no witnesses.Hamp Co vol 9 p. 436.] Thus, the chain of ownership of this land is: Ezekiel Rogers -> John Rogers. John Rogers + John Sebring + Nathaniel & Elizabeth Foster -> Richard. Why were John Sebring and the Fosters grantors since there is no record they ever owned this land?

Oct 15, 1794. Richard Rounsevil (Rounsavell) and Ann, his wife, of the County of Hampshire sell to Joel Wolverton of Hunterdon Co, NJ, for £50, 10 acres of Hampshire Co land for which Ezekiel Rogers obtained a deed from the land office at Richmond bearing date Oct 8, 1788, and conveyed to Rounsavill by deed dated Dec 11, 1793, and bounded by two lick run on the said Rogers line .. a line of an old survey. They also sold another 91 acres of Hampshire Co land in the line of Mortons .. Dunkam .. thence with Ezekiel Rogersí line, which land was conveyed to Rounsavill by deed dated Nov 10, 1794 from John Rogers, John Sebring, Nathaniel Foster and Elizabeth, his wife. Signed - Richard Rounsovell, Ann Rounsovell.[8]

1795. Mason Co, KY tax list contains Richard Rounseville as well as Ezekiel Rogers.

October 11, 1798. Adams Co, OH. With Charles Cormas and Nathan Rogers, witnessed an article of agreement concerning ferries on the Ohio River[9]

1800. Adams Co, OH.[10]

September 22, 1802. Bought 50 acres of land in Manchester, Adams Co, OH from George Rogers and Susannah, his wife[11].

1806-1814. Richard found on Sprigg Township, Adams Co, OH tax lists.[12]

June 1806. Adams Co, Ohio. Bill of sale, Agnes Rogers for $270 loaned to her by John Rogers, she delivered to John Rogers, farm animals and furniture. Witnesses were Richard Rounsavell and Foster Moore.[13]

October 1806. Adams County. Depositions concerning John Rogers giving his son title to 50 acres of land so Nathan could vote. The 50 acres adjoined Richard Rounsavellís land. One of the depositions was by Joseph Moore. One of the witnesses was Jonathan Pownall.[14]

1807. Richard was one of the incorporators of the Presbyterian Church in Manchester, Adams Co, OH.

1814. Nathan Rounsevall first appears on an Adams Co tax list in 1814, in Sprigg Township.

Oct 14, 1819. Adams Co, OH. Richard Roundsall was the former guardian of James Paul, minor heir of Samuel Paul, deceased. Peter Bilbee was attorney for Margaret Bilbee, guardian of James Paul.[15]

1820. Sprigg Township, Adams County, Ohio: 200201-01301[16]

September 6, 1829. Wife Ann (Nancy) died in Adams Co, Ohio. Died in her 67th year[17]. Buried in the Manchester[Adams County, Ohio] Presbyterian Church Cemetery.[18]

Feb 16, 1822. Richard got an Adams County land patent. Survey #9829 and 10466, 62 acres, survey book C p. 511, in Sprigg Township on the Ohio River; warrant 5781 = Joseph Crockett; warrant 6184 = Robert Hanson Harrison; patentee = Richard Rounsavalle.[19]

Oct 22, 1823. James Paul, Richard Rounsavell, gdn. Showed accounts. Margaret Bilbee of Preble Co, OH, releases Richard Roundsavell of all legal guardianship of James Paul and from all debtors of the estate of Samuel Paul, Margaretís 1st husband.

Oct 23, 1830. Richard sold his Adams Co land to William Strode. The land was on the waters of the Ohio River & was bounded by a tract of land owned by the heirs of John Rogers, being on the lower corner of Scottís survey of 600 acres, entry #1038, and also bounded by Abraham Watsonís land. The land being sold = 55 acres, being part of a survey of 62 acres patented to Richard Rounsevall on Feb 16, 1822. Signed Ė Richard Rounsavall [and no wife]. Witn: Robert H. Chunn, Salathiel Coryell.[20]

Dec 10,1833. Richard married Jane Shaw in Tippecanoe Co, IN.

1839. Richard died Tippecanoe Co, Indiana. Left no probate records.

All of the above suggests the following conclusions to me:
1) There was only one Richard in Hampshire Co - the person who married Ann. The fact that Richard was living on Ezekiel's land in 1793 implies that he was young and just starting out in 1793 and that he was in some way related to Ezekiel. I would guess that Ezekiel was his father-in-law. That he was living with Ezekiel also suggests to me that he had no family in the area. In support of this, Richard never appears on a tax list with Benjamin in Hampshire Co, and that Benjamin later appears in Hardy Co implies that Benjamin lived in the part of Hampshire Co that became Hardy County, and if this analysis is correct, Richard and Benjamin lived far apart in Hampshire County.
2) Since Richard, then Nathan, show up on Sprigg Township tax lists, I infer from this that they are father and son.
3) Quick (a known son of Benjamin?) left a will in Muskingum Co, OH in 1806. Perhaps a search of the area in and around Muskingum County will turn up evidence of other Rounsevalls, including maybe Benjamin. Adams Co, OH is far from Muskingum Co, OH.
4) Loudoun County, VA. I do not know who the Richard and Benjamin are, although it seems likely that this is the Richard who was in Morgan's company in the Revolutionary War. Some of my Rogers were in Loudoun County, including a Rachel Rogers, but Ezekiel Rogers was not.
5) The 1795 and 1796 Mason Co, KY tax list data - Richard R. and the Rogers and the Fosters are found there. It seems that a group of related people went from Hampshire Co to Mason Co, KY to Adams Co, OH in 1794-1795.

Oct 27, 2001

[1] Hampshire County, [West] Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists, 1782-1799, by TLC Genealogy shows the following - 1782: Benjamin Rouncevel and Ezekiel Rogers. 1783: Benjamin Rouncevel. 1784: Benjamin Rouncivil. 1785: Benjamin Rounsevel and Ezekiel Rogers. 1786: Ezekiel Rogers. 1789: Ezekiel Rogers 1792: Ezekiel Rogers 1793: Richard Rounsefer and Ezekiel Rogers 1794: Richard Rounseval and Ezekiel Rogers 1795-1799: no Rounseval (Rouncevel, etc) and no Ezekiel Rogers. By Benjamin Rouncevel and Ezekiel Rogers, I mean that they are found on the same year's tax list, not that they appear together or next to each other. Benjamin is found on the 1786 and 1787 Hardy Co, WV tax lists (source: microfilm). A Benjamin is on the 1770, 1771, and 1772 Loudoun County tax lists (source: GPC book). A Richard is on the 1771 and 1772 Loudoun Co tax lists (Source: GPC book). Note that none of the Richard entries say Richard E.

[2] Not in Hardy Co, VA tax lists, 1786 through 1796.

[3] Not in New Jersey Tax Lists 1772-1822 by Accelerated Indexing Systems International. But AISI is incomplete, having, for example, omitted Hunterdon County. Richard is also not found in the book, Hunterdon Co, NJ Taxpayers, 1778-1797, by TLC Genealogy. But, there are no extant tax lists for 1790 or 1791 for the following Hunterdon County towns: Amwell, Hopewell, Kingwood, Maidenwood, or Trenton. It is possible that Richard was the son of Richard and Rachel Stout Rounsavall of Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co, NJ, as per a birth record for Richard of 2/5/1767 in "Rounsavell-Williamson Family BibleĒ, printed in London by John Baskett in 1739, copy in possession of Brian E. Rounsavill, Newtown, PA, to be published in "Richard Rounsavell and His Descendants Vol. II, Spring 2002." This Richard (b. 1767), in 1790 is listed in Evan Godown's estate as owing him money; Evan Godown was the step-father of Richard (b. 1767). [Ref: Brian E. Rounsavill].

[4] Nathanís 1850 census, Wapello Co, Iowa, p. 416.

[5] Adams County Rogers were John (1757-1826), his father Ezekiel (1729-1801), Johnís brothers George and Thomas, & Johnís son Nathan Foster Rogers (1777-1854). Nathanís wife was Agnes Waugh.John Rogers married 2nd, Diadamia Curtis, daughter of Joseph Curtis. Nathan Rounsavell married Sarah Curtis. The Rogers and Sebrings were from Bucks Co, PA, where they intermarried a couple of times and witnessed each others wills, etc. Nathan Foster substituted for Ezekiel Rogers in the Revolutionary War. Notice that Ezekielís grandson, Nathan Foster Rogers, was named for Nathaniel Foster.

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