Bezona, Compton, Crews, Hubbard, Journey, Linthacum, Rounsevall, Shaw, Slye, Tucker, Waugh, Wood etc


Adams, Archer, Beasley, Bezona, Bradley, Compton, Cook, Crews, Hubbard, Journey, Linthacum/ Linthicum, Lown, Moor, Old, Reed, Remington, Rogers, Rounsevall, Richard Rounsevall, Scott, Shaw, Slye, Smith, Stockett, Tucker, Waugh, Wood.

New stuff:
- Click on Journey, above, for new evidence that Catherine Journey of Lunenburg Co was really previously from Richmond Co. (When the Journey table finishes loading, in your browser, click <edit>, then click <find> and search for Samuel Baker). Let me know what you think of the evidence. Debate is always welcome.
- Can anyone identify the Ann Crews who witnessed the will of Sarah Clanton, 1748, Brunswick Co, VA?
- Possible connection between John Waugh of Mason Co, KY and the Stafford Co, VA Waughs by way of the Doniphan family. (Search for Doniphan on the Waugh page).
- Crews clue (a Georgia connection perhaps)
- Was Richard Crews of Lunenburg Co, VA a son of Thomas of Surry Co? (NO)
- The Wood family of Charles Co-St. Mary's Co, MD - is Samuel father of Philip?
- Who were Thomasine Stonestreet and Mary Slye, who are mentioned as the goddaughters of Michael Curtis (died in 1716 in St. Mary's Co, MD)? Could they have been older daughters of Robert Slye (d. 1698 St. Mary's County, MD) by a 1st wife, assuming that Robert Slye was born earlier than 1667? Is there any proof that Robert Slye was born in 1667? I know of none. Robert Slye notes.
- Was William Waters (d. abt 1796 Charles Co) the father of the Patience who was the wife of Henry Wood?

For the large tables (Crews, Journey, Waugh, Wood, etc.), the relationship between people can be calculated from the leftmost characters in the leftmost cell, where 11 is child 1 of 1 and 12 is child 2 of 1, etc. Or, in a similar format, **Ca is the first child of C and **Cb is the second child of C, etc, and w = wife and h = husband and h2 = 2nd husband.
Rows without dates give relationships (or are not yet needed, if no data are present).
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