Henry Dowst Index

HENRY DOWST COLLECTION - Henry Dowst Sr. was a professional photographer and lived at Short Falls. Many of the pictures in the collection were taken by Mr. Dowst, and others were pictures he collected.


HD01 A.J. and Flora Yeaton

HD02 Allenstown Meeting House

HD03 Interior of Blacksmith Shop (2)

HD04 Short Falls Train Photos (9)

HD05 George Carleton/Gelinas House

HD06 Center Hill School House

HD07 Chief Clarence Bartlett Shooting

HD08 1941 Graduating Class

HD09 Class of 1956

HD10 Unknown Couple, prob. Dowsts

HD11 Gossville view, Doherty house

HD12 Dowst home Wing Road (6)

HD13 Early Epsom Fire Dept. (3)

HD14 Unknown School Graduates

HD15 Epsom Town Hall

HD16 Fife-Phelps house River Road

HD17 Gerald and Daisey Marden

HD18 Aerial few of Gossville

HD19 1939 Gossville School Class

HD20 Graduating Class about 1951

HD21 1940 Epsom Graduating Class

HD22 Haynes-Nash house New Rye (5)


HD23 Hockey Winter Carnival (2)

HD24 Knowles Store

HD25 Red School House Mountain Dist.

HD26 McClary Grange Officers

HD27 McClary House Center Hill

HD28 Mill Dam in 1936 Flood

HD29 Mill House on Mill Road

HD30 New Rye School Classes 1941

HD31 Pete Yeaton Barn Black Hall Rd

HD32 Pine Grove Inn/Gossville Hotel

HD33 Performances at Odd Fellows (4)

HD34 Poultry Farming (2)

HD35 Ralph E. Towle & home (2)

HD36 Ricker-Dowst-Pitcher house

HD37 Four Corners at Short Falls

HD38 Short Falls Bridge & Grist Mill (6)

HD39 Short Falls School Bus

HD40 Short Falls Store (4)

HD41 Short Falls Views (3)

HD42 Epsom Tramp House

HD43 Tripp-Fowler home & view (2)

HD44 Worth Home on River Road

HD45 Winter Contest