William Lewis Yancey was the son of Zachariah & Elizabeth (Mayes) Yancey
Source: From a transcript of the Bible at the Library of Virginia

William Lewis Yancey was born August 27, 1804
Nancy Jones, his wife, was born October 24, 1803
Edwin Bedford Jeffress was born November 14, 1823
Mary Harwood Harvey, his wife, was born February 21, 1829

Edward Bozman Yancey was born March 10, 1839
Sue Ann Jeffress, his wife, was born June 2, 1832
Kate Lulalia Yancey was born January 13, 1876
Mary Elizabeth Yancey was born July 20, 1878
Nancy Patton Yancey ws born July 26, 1880
William Henry Yancey was born November 1, 1882
Frederick Holmes Yancey was born December 25, 1887
Martha Bedford Yancey was born October 25, 1890

William Lewis Yancey and Nancy Jones were married March 10, 1824
Edwin Bedford Jeffress and Mary Harwood Harvey were married June 1, 1846
Edward Bozman Yancey and Sue Ann Jeffress were married November 19, 1872
Katherine Lulalia Yancey and Dr. George P. Merrill were married
February 13, 1900
Mary Elizabeth Yancey and Stuart A. Davis were married May 28, 1901
Nancy Patton Yancey and John Clay Blackwell were married April 11, 1906
Frederick Holmes Yancey and Josephine Bean were married August 1, 1916
Martha Bedford Yancey and Berryman Green were married October 15, 1917

Nancy Jones Yancey died June 12, 1887
Edwin Bedford Jeffress died December 3, 1891
William Lewis Yancey died October 21, 1897
Mary H. Jeffress died March 11, 1917
William Henry Yancey died July 26, 1911
Nancy Yancey Blackwell died January 15, 1915
Edward Bozman Yancey died April 23, 1918
Sue Jeffress Yancey died October 18, 1927
Frederick H. Yancey died June 12, 1944