Source: Tranbscript of Bible found in National D.A.R. Library

Original Bible was at one time in possession

of Mrs. C.E. Vassar of South Hill, Virginia


Martha B. White was born December 19th 1808

Saluda W. White was born October 10th 1810

J. A. White was born September 3rd 1812

R. H. White was born June 30th 1814

William T. White was born January 18th 1816

John E. White was born June 7th 1817

Eliza Jane White was born March 1st 1819

Emeline E. White was born December 1st 1820

Hugh M. White was born May 2nd 1822

Ann Greenwood White was born August 18th 1824

Robert Lafayette White was born April 13th 1826

Virginia Jones White was born November 24th 1829

[These are the children of Robert and Jane (Winn) White, as recorded in his will, Mecklenburg County, Virginia]


James Winn and Catherine his wife were married April 14th 1822

Sulda W. White daughter of Robert and Jane White was married to John James Atkins on the 10th day of December 1835

Eliza Jane White was married to Richard H. Moody, Nov 2 1843

Mary Ann White was married to Thomas L. Jones Nov. 7th 1844

Virginia J. White was married to John R. Yancey September 16, 1851.


Elizabeth Winn was born April 25 1780

Jean Winn was born Nov 23 1787

James Winn was born May 24 1790

Lucy Winn was born January 19 1896 [1796?]

Nancy Winn was born July 1 1799

Richard Winn was born November 23 1801

Prudence Winn was born January 20 1804

Pattie Ann Jones the only child of Thomas L. and Mary Ann Jones born October the 23 1845 by M. B. White

Jane Ann Moody was born September 15 1844

Richard Henry Moody was born 4th February 1848

Rosa Jane yancey was born June the 19th 1852

Mary E. Yancey was born October 23 1854

Martha A. Yancey was born March 4th 1857

Sally Ann Winn the daughter of James Winn, was born April 12 the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Four.

Richard Thomas Winn was born October 18th 1825

Robert A. Atkins was born December 4th 1836

William T. Atkins was born March 3 1839

John J. Atkins was born July 23 1844

Saml G. Atkins was born Aug 7 1847

Sarah A. Atkins was born Oct 10 1851


Richard Winn Junior, deceased this life April 1st 1816

Richard Winn Senr departed this life September 4 1816

Sarah Winn the widow of R. Winn departed this life June 9 1836 age 99 years.

Jane A. White widow of R. White departed thislife Feb 12th 1867, age 80 years.

John E. White departed this life May 8th 1870 age 53 years

Saluda W. Atkins wife of J. J. Atkins died August 15 1866 age 56 years

Fannie White wife of R. White departed this life - -


Robert A. Atkins departed this life on the 28th day of April 1852 age 15 years 4 months and 24 days old.

Pattie Ann Jones departed this life August the 12 1859 in the fourteenth year of his life or age.

Hugh L. White departed this life March the 3 1862 in his fortieth year.

Martha B. White departed this life July 30th 1862 in her 54th year.

Robert White Senr departed this life on the 29th of May Anno Domini 1831 in the 45 year if his age.

Richard H. White his second son departed this life on the 30th day of september Anno Domini 1832 in the 19 year of his age.

James A. White eldest son of Robert and Jane White deoarted this life on the 3rd day of July 1833.

Emeline White, daughter of Robert and Jane White, departed this life on the 12th day of February 1835.

Mary Ann Jones daughter of Robert and Jane White departed this life on the 21st day of November 1847.