Thomas & Sarah Hicks Yancey Family Bible

Thomas & Sarah Hicks Yancey Family Bible

(Thomas was the son of William & Abigail Hicks Yancey)

Source: Genealogy of Yancey - Medearis and Related Lines. 1958. By Norwood, Norwood, & Lacey. Page 90.


Thomas and Sarah Yancey was married February 21st 1808.

Perry D. Yancey and Jane F. Marible was married August 21st 1842.

Benjamin H. Barnett and Irena Yancey was married December 8th 1842.

Noling J. Wright and Sarah A. Yancey was married November 28th 1838.


William Yancey was born April 10th 1740.

Abigail Yancey was born December 15th 1748.

Thomas Yancey was born December 15th 1769.

Sarah Yancey was born January 24th 1789.

David Yancey was born Decmber 20th 1808.

Katherine Yancey was born September 15th 1810.

Curren L. Yancey was born February 13th 1812.

Jackson F. Yancey was born November 15th 1814.

Perry D. Yancey was born November 27th 1815.

Thomas H. Yancey was born April 22nd 1818.

Elizabeth L. Yancey was born 9th April 1820.

Sarah A. Yancey was born February 14th 1822.

Irena Yancey was born October 28th 1824.

Helanan Yancey was born May 19th 182[7?]

Sarah Jane Barnett was born July 31st 1844.

Eliza Ann Wright was born March 1st 1846.

Yancey Wright was born October 27th 1841.

Irena F. Wright was born July 26th 184[?]

Arabella Wright was born September 26th 1845.

James H. Wright was born August 11th 1848.

? ? ? ? was born September 4th 1850.

Uleses Melton Wright was born October 9th 1851

and died August 24th 1852.

Henry Wright was born February 11th 1783.

Letty Wright was born October 9th 1769.

Lucinday Wright was born October 28th 1804.

Moses F. Wright was born June 17th 1807.

Noling J Wright was born March 25th 1809.

James F. Wright was born December 10th 1810.

Virginia Wright was born August 8th 1854.

William C. N. Wright was born April 9th 1861.


William Yancey died February 20th 1803 of a head pleurisy.

Abigail Yancey died June 29th 1809.

Jackson F. Yancey died December 9th 1814.

Sarah Yancey died February 23rd 1859.

Helanan Yancey died February 23rd 1848.

Thomas Yancey died April 14th 1847.

Lettey Wright died May 1st 1848.

Henry Wright died November 29th 1848.

U. M. Wright died August 24th 1852.

Moses T. Wright died March 15th [18th?] 1859.

Noling J. Wright died May 10th 1866.

Virginia Wright died June 28th 1873.

______ her infant died June 27th 1873.

Sarah A. Wright died March [ ?] 1905.

Arabella Wright (Morris) died March 4th 1924.

Eliza Wright (Davidson) died April 26th 1922.

Another Bible with Thomas & Sarah Hicks Yancey Family information:

Source: Genealogy of Yancey - Medearis and Related Lines. 1958. By Norwood, Norwood, & Lacey. Page 128.


Thos. Yancey was born in Va. Dec 15 A.D. 1769.

Sarah Hicks was born Jan 24th 1723.

Thos Yancey & Sarah Hicks was married in VA and afterwards removed to Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Elleven children was born to them of whom Eliza was sixth.

Eliza L Yancey was born 9 April 1820.

Aaron Paulk was born April 23, 1815.

Mrs Eliza Wright was married to Aaron Paulk, her 2nd husband, A.D. 1842. Of this union came 4 children.

Irene Elizabeth Ann Paulk was born Mar 16, 1844.

Robert Paschal Smith was born July 12, 1842.

Robt Smith and I. E. A. Paulk was married May 22, 1866.

William [L./B.?] Yancey of Va. was father of Thos. Yancey and husband of Abigail his wife and only wife. They had four children, 3 of these died in early life, Thos left as only child.

William L. Yancey of confederate fame of 1861 was named in honor of this great uncle William L. Yancey of Lowndes Co., Virginia.

The name was Yantis in Sweden. In Va others called us Yancey, which was suffered to pass.

Robert Paschal, eldest son of Pascal & Elizabeth Smith was born July 12, A.D. 1842.

Elizabeth A. Paulk was born the 16th of March A.D. 1844.

Willie Lewis Smith oldest daughter of Robert P & Elizabeth A. Smith was born 24 Mar in the year of our Lord 1867.

Robert Haynes, second child of Robert P. & Elizabeth A. Smith was born 21st Oct in the year of our Lord 1870.

John Thomas, second son and third child of Robert P. Smith was born 5th September 1873 8.20 P.M.


R. P. Smith & E. A. Paulk was married on 22nd May 1866.

William Johnston Aston and Willie L. Smith was married Mar 24, 1885.


Robert Paschal Smith depated this life the 13th of February A.D. 1815.

John Thomas, second son of Robert P. and E. A. Smith died Oct 14 1896 at 10 oclock A.M. in San Antonio, Texas.

Aaron Paulk died March 6, 1855.

Eliza Paulk died Sept 18, 1889.

E. A. Smith died Feb 9th 1905.

Robert Haynes Smith died Feb. 15. 1932 at Abilene, Texas. Borned Oct 21st 1870 , Union Springs, Alabama.