(Sterling Yancey was the son of Col. Thornton Yancey)

Source: Transcription of original Bible as found in: "Family Findings" Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society - January 1972


Sterling Yancey & Betsey Williams, his wife, were married the 24th of August 1785.

James M. Yancey & Eliza Slade his 1st wife were married Aug 2, 1814.

Eliza, Jas M. wife died August 12, 1815.

William her first and only son, Nov 7th 1815 died.

Jas M. Yancey and his 2nd wife Ann Smith were married Dec 7th 1817.


Sterling Yancey was born Dec 25th 1762.

Betsy Yancey, his wife was born August 12, 1770.

Minge Yancey, first son, was born July 24th 1787.

William Wms. Yancey 2nd son was born Feb 14th 1790.

Miscarriage of a 3rd son.

Lewis Yancey, 4th son, was born August 20 1793.

James Madison Yancey, 5th son, was born the 25th March 1796.

George Washington Yancey, 6th son, was born 4th Sep 1798.

Elizabeth Ridley Yancey, first daughter, was born 10th Dec 1800.

Albert Yancey, 7th son, was born 29 Dec 1803.

Jackson M. Yancey, son of James[?]* Yancey was born 3rd of October [1791]

Elizabeth Williams Yancey, daughter Albert & Susan Yancey was born in Wake Cty N.C. the 19th day of October A.D. 1830.

William Yancey, 1st son of Jas. M. Yancey was born May 1st 1815.

James Yancey, 1st son of Jas. M. Yancey by his 2nd wife (Ann Smith) was born September 18th, 1818 at Murfresboro N.C.

Susan Yancey, wife of Albert Yancey was born January 31st 1810.


Doctor Albert Yancey died at his residence in Wake County on Sunday the 1st day of July A.D. 1832.

Albert Green Yancey was born in Wake County N.C. the 1st day of November 1832.

Albert G. Yancey died the 17th of March 1857


Lewis Yancey and Harriet J. Casso, his wife was married April 2nd 1817

Elizabeth Williams Wood, died the 13th Nov A.D. 1849.

Sarah Yancey was born Sept 20 1844.

William M. Yancey was born June 20th 1846.

Mary E. Yancey was born March the 18th 1848.

James A. Yancey was born the 18th [??] of June 1850.

Lucy A. R. Yancey was born April 8th 1852.

Elizabeth Williams Yancey, first child of Albert & Susan Yancey was born 19th October A.D. 1830.

Albert Green Yancey, 2nd child was born 1st day of November, 1832.

Minge Yancey and Frances Knott were married _________ 18___

Minge Yancey died _____ day of _______ A.D. 18 ______

Sterling Yancey, son of Minge and Frances was born 12th day of May 1815.

A. G. Simmons was born September the 11th 1831.

A. G. Yancey & Lissie S. Sappington was married the 10th of August 1834.


William Willliams Yancey, 2nd son died in Fayettville, Dec 19th 1810.

Mrs. Elizabeth Yancey, grandmother to William Wms. Yancey died in February 23rd 1811.

And.[+] Thornton Yancey husband of Elizabeth Yancey and grandfather of Wm. Williams Yancey died August 24th 1811.

Sterling Yancey died in Raleigh January 5th 1815.

George W. Yancey died in Petersburg, February 9th 1820.

Lewis Yancey died at Raleigh July 2nd 1821.

Jas. Madison Yancey died in Murfresboro, North Carolina[October?] 17th 1825.

Eliza R. Yancey died in Wmsborough, March 11th 1825.


Sarah, a black woman and her youngest child died in Fayettville, July 1810.

Caroline, Hannah's child, died in [___?] July 1810.

Fanny, Sarah's oldest daughter, died in Raleigh, April 1811.


* The name of "James" is not clearly legible and written in a rather uncommon format - but "JAMES" does appear to be the most probable interpretation. Because of deterioration of the page, the death year of Jackson M. Yancey is no longer visable - but is here taken from another source.

+ "And." (many interpret this as Andrew) is not easily legible in the Bible record and may actually be Col. (Colonel) - a title Thornton Yancey is known to have used.

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