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Robert Bullock Yancey Bible

Robert Bullock Yancey Bible

(Kentucky Ancestors -9- 1- July -1973)


Robert Bullock Yancey to Mary Ann McIlvain November 10,1864

Hugh McIlvain Yancey to Bessie Peed November 16, 1911

Robert McIlvain Yancey to Bettie Berry November 20, 1912

Kate Waller Yancey to Joseph Spiegle October 1, 1912


Robert B. Yancey July 4, 1828

Mary Ann McIlvain August 30, 1841

Births: 3rd Generation:

Hugh Yancey, son of Hugh McIlvain Yancey September 13, 1913

Robert Wallace Spiegle, son of Joseph and Kate Yancey Spiegle

September 19,1913

Josephine, daughter of Hugh and Bessie Peed Yancey

December 16, 1916

Mary Elizabeth,daughter of Hugh and Bessie Yancey

August 31, 1919

Mary Katherine, daughter of Joseph and Kate Spiegle

April 13, 1917

Dorothy Allen, daughter of Hugh and Bessie Yancey

January 20, 1926


Robert Bullock Yancey, son of Harlow and Ann W. Bullock Yancey

May 11, 1898

Mary M. Yancey, daughter of Hugh and Patience Wells McIlvain

May 1, 1934

Robert McIlvain Yancey September 17, 1937

Addie Allen Yancey March 15, 1951

Kate Waller Yancey Spiegle March 26, 1964

Maime Yancey, aged 98 years and 10 months, May 6, 1971

Hugh McIlvain, Jr. March 22, 1970

Hugh McIlvain Sr. November 22, 1970

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