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Source: Transcript of Bible at Library of Virginia

[Leighton Yancey Nuckolls Sr. was apparently a son of William Nuckolls & Henrietta Terry and the grandchild of Charles Nuckolls and Keziah Yancey.]

Henretta A. Nuckolls was born Nov 19th 1819
Caroline F. Nuckolls was born Aug 20th 1821
William J. Nuckolls was born July 15th 1822
Adison L. Nuckolls was born Nov 17th 1824
Leighton Y. Nuckolls [Jr.] was born Aug 24th 1826
Amanda M. Nuckolls was born May 7th 1828
Adelia H. Nuckolls was born Nov 1st 1829
Barbary E. Nuckolls was born Jan 31st 1831
Mary C. Nuckolls was born Apr 9th 1834
John L. Nuckolls was born Feb 28th 1836

Leighton Y. Nuckolls [Sr.] departed his life in 1873 [age 74]
Frances Nuckolls wife of L.Y. Nuckolls departed his life in 1863.
John L. Nuckolls departed his life in 1862
Barbary E. Nuckolls departed her life in 1862
William J. Nuckolls departed his life in 1863
Addison L. departed his life Sep 1st 1912
Mary C. Nuckolls departed this life Feb 11th 1900
Leighton Y. Nuckolls [Jr.] departed this life Apr 12th 1900
Caroline F. Nuckolls departed her life July 23rd 1904
Adelia H. Nuckolls departed this life Feb 9th 1924