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John Henry Yancey Family Bible


Transcribed from a xerox copy of the Bible received from Suzanne Sella


John H Y

John H and Lizzie Yancey married Oct 18th 1874


John H Yancey born Sep 8 1854

Lizzie Yancey born Jan 23 1856

R. L. Yancey born December 29 1838


Augustin Yancey June 1st 1880

Martha Yancey July 21st 1903

John L. Yancey August 19 1952

Ben Young Yancey January 30th 1956


William R. Yancey born Jan 17th 1877

Augustin Yancey born May 7th 1880

Mable Yancey born May 27th 1881

Martha Yancey born Jan 23 1884

John L. Yancey born Mch 9 1885

J. T. Yancey born Dec 19 1887

Eula Yancey born Nov 9 1890

Benj Young Yancey born Oct 10 1894

Charley Yancey born Aug 18 1899

James F. Tracey Jan 1 1903

James Morgan Tracey Feb 13 1931

Ethel Lucile Tracey March 16 190