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Frinfrock Family Bible


Source: Copy in the Library of Virginia - transcription in the Journal of the Virginia Genealogical Society .

Thomas Garland Garth and Louisa M. Yancey were married 31st January 1825 in Rockingham Co. Va.

GARTH, Thomas Garland was born the 27th February 1801 Albemarle Co. Va.

YANCEY, Louisa Malvina was born February 25th 1809 Rockingham Co. Va.


GARTH, Egbert Thomas born the 2nd January 1827 Rockingham Co. Va.

GARTH, Josephine Frances was Born 4th June 1829 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Elizabeth Louisa Born 22nd September 1831 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Jesse Layton Born the 13th September 1833 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Thomas Lewis was Born the 31st August 1836 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Louisa Mary was Born the 15th January 1839 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Portia Brutus was Born the 17th March 1841 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Texania Clarisa was Born the 3rd August 1844 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Yancey Albert was Born the 28th September 1846 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Charles was Born the 28th February 1849 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Jane Elizabeth was Born the 14th January 1851 Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Junius Brutus was Born the 19th October 1853 Greene Co. Va.

Grand Children

YANCEY, Lula Garth was born May the 11th 1875 Augusta Co. Va.


GARTH, Egbert Thomas died the 27th May 1830.

YANCEY, Fanny died August the 31st, 1845 in the 76th year of her age. Born Frances Lynn Lewis, wife of Layton Yancey. Mother of Louisa Malvina Garth.

GARTH, Charles died the 9th October 1849, 7 mo. & 11 days old.

GARTH, Lewis Thomas Died Tuesday August the 6th 1861 at 20 minutes past one o'clock p.m. age 24 years -- 11 months and 6 days.


GARTH, Josephine Frances married James R. Nichols on 12th September 1850 in Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Elizabeth (Bettie) Louisa married William H. Routt on 23rd November 1853 in Greene Co. Va.

GARTH, Lucy Mary married Richard Yancey on 11th May 1867 in Greene Go. Va.

GARTH, Yancey Albert married Mary Josephine Parrott on 21st December 1876 in Albemarle Co. Va.

GARTH, Jesse Layton married Fannie I. Rogers on 4th September 1879 Bryan, Texas.

GARTH, Junius Brutus married Mary Whitelaw Durrett on 22nd December 1881 in Greene Co. Va.