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Eddins Family Bible


John & Nancy (Hooker) Eddins Family Bible

Transcribed from copies of the bible received from Minnie Johnson

Original Bible was at one time in possession of Mrs. John K Boyce,

Amarillo, Texas


John Eddins was born February the 12th 1792

Nancy Hooker, the wife of John Eddins, was born August the 22nd 1792

Elizabeth M. Eddins was born the 10th of May 1816

Benjamin H Eddins was born February the 9th 1818

Chloe H. Eddins was born February the 9th 1818

Rebecca M. Eddins was born Dec the 1st 1819

John M. Eddins was born March the 23rd 1821

Frances H Eddins was born Dec the 12th 1822

William T. Eddins was born Nov the 16th 1824

Ann T. Eddins was born Oct the 22nd 1826

Samuel Mc W Eddins was born July the 25th 1828

Joseph H Eddins was born August the 31st 1830

Thomas H Eddins was born September the 20th 1833

Mary Eddins was born Jan [___?] 1821

Nancy Eddins was born [______?] 1822


Martha A D. Eddins the wife of J. M. Eddins departed this life 19th of

December 1842 age 19 years, 4 months, 22 days

Nancy Eddins the wife of John Eddins departed this life 8th of July 1844 age

51 years, 10 months, 17 days.

Frances H Yancy, the wife of Clayton A. Yancy departed this life the 13th of August 1844.

Joseph H Eddins departed this life the 10th day of June 1854 age [23 years 9 months 9 days ??]

Emline Burtchette Eddins the wife of W. Y. Eddins departed this life

December the 16th 1854.

Eva Eddins died [18' 8 8 ?] maried the year after [_____?]


John Eddins was married to Nancy Hooker the 29th of [June?] AD 1815

Elizabeth M. Eddins was married to Thomas Roach the 14th of August AD 1833.

Cloe H Eddins was married to A. L. Morley the 29th of Nov AD 1834

Rebecca M. Eddins was married to Burwell A. Mosely the 14th of January AD [1846?]

John M. Eddins was married to Miss M. A. D. Stanly December 23rd 1841

B. H. Eddins was married to Miss Susan Cole Oct the 13th 1842

John M. Eddins was married to Miss Nancy [Munn?] October 7th 1845

Marshall P. Yancy and Ann T. Eddins was married the 23rd of November 1843

Frances H Eddins was married the 12th of December to C. A. Yancy 1843

John Eddins was married to Mary [Munn?] the 13th of December 1846

Alla Eddins born May 4 1838

Thomas P. Eddins was married to Alla A. Tucker Oct 18 1859